Legend 4 Cheap Sale (47% GF 42% MF)

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The Grand Vizier

Good for Mages or Witch Doctors, helps find more legendary/items + Gold

+218-426 Fire Damage
+48% Damage
+293 Intelligence
+47% Extra Gold from Monsters
+42% Better Chance of finding Magical items

Slot - Each Hit adds +300 Life (I can change the gem to whatever you want)

$1.50 AU check out AH
You are joking right? a two hander for a wiz or wd that isn't an ubber skorn? (seriously the stats on that sucks canine ball materials... I've got better... wanna buy them?

No i dont want to buy, im trying to sell... o.O
Do your Skorns have GF and MF?
Did you read my post?
What reason did you post here other than to be an arrogant, cocky, dumbass?
I really doubt there is another reason... please dont post again.

Speaking of Skorn i have this for sale:

+172 Minimum Damage
+292 Maximum Damage
+49% Damage
+326% Intelligence
+296 Vitality
+Critical Hit Damage Increased by 141%
+96.5% Chance to inflict Bleed for 6390-8710 Damage of 5 secs

Slot - Critical Hit Damage Increased by 80% (Perfect Star Gem)

Any offers in AU money?
Also changed The Grand Vizier to $1.50 AU

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