Strong Barb looking to build a decent Wiz

Hola Wiz friends,

I have done a great deal of work on my main barb and now want a small change of pace to make a fun CM Wiz.

My gear set is a kind of a mixture of leftover parts and things I have found (i.e. WH is from my monk).

I really just want to get the wiz to around 150K dps (nothing too crazy) so I can farm mid level MPs with my wiz instead of my barb for a change of pace.

Some tips on what I need to focus on would be great.

My current plan:
1) Craft shoulders of vitality
2) Craft amulets of Intelligence
3) Pick up some decent cheapo trifecta intel gloves
4) Intel/vit crit lacuni's
4) Storm crow? Do I need one of these? See tons of people running them... If so what stats are important on them?

What else should I be focused on?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance wiz pros!!


I know you wiz pros are out there somewhere!!

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