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Basically, you play through the complete game and get rewards like quest experience and guaranteed legendary loot.
Even if a legendary drops the chances that it is godly is extremely remote, there is no harm in guaranteeing a legendary item for completing an act. If that is still too generous you could progressively increase the bonus.
• Act 1 20% (Ubers are in Act 1)
• Act 2 40%
• Act 3 60%
• Act 4 80% (Diablo should be 100%)
• Monster Power would also add 1% per level.
• I thought it would be neat to add in an incentive where by completing side missions in the game it increases drop rate as well. EG: help the farmers, clear the bandit caves etc. The more you clear the better the bonus.
• You could call them Deeds and they add 1% drop rate.(to end boss drops only) If you wanted to make the system harder in general you could make 3-5 deeds required to trigger the end boss drop bonus. Very similar to Nehalem’s Valor (buffalums) except no timer.
• They could also add 1% damage per stack this way there’s a good reason to clear the frost caverns etc.
• The only way to clear your stacks is to cash them in on an end boss kill. So, you can buff your damage with Deeds and grind farm if you wanted to. I’m kind of stealing this from Mass Effect 3 where in multiplayer you could level your guy up and keep him there or reset it and do it all over again. It was fun and hopelessly addicting.
• Adding a damage buff to deeds is good because it can open up build diversity and help you to play above your current difficulty level.
It was fun to play though the game while leveling characters to Inferno. Inferno loses that sense of adventure, I’m not interested in grinding 5 characters to paragon 100 in act 3. It seems to me like they took out quest experience because it was exploitable. In adventure mode you would not be able to skip to any quest, you must play it all the way through. Monster power would affect how much quest experience is granted. You could jump in on a multiplayer game and use you current stack of deeds. No deeds, no guaranteed loot.
Add a socketing quest in act 3-4 that is only available in adventure mode. The quest is repeatable by resetting adventure mode. This is expansion pack territory but what the hell.
New achievements for completing Adventure Mode on each difficulty Monster Power 1-10. Also you can have a tracker for each complete play-through. Prizes could be awarded at each major milestone. Follower playing cards that completely change the look of your follower and gives them a buff that affects you. ( or each play through would give you a card or they would just become a random drop end boss only) Add followers to multiplayer by giving them all a shared cool down.
For Example:
• Marauder +2% damage +2 % critical strike
• Defender +5% armor +5% resist all
• Essence +5% elemental damage +15% critical hit damage
Any buff could roll onto any card so you could find the look and buff you want. The higher the Monster Power the more affixes that can roll onto a card.
Submit your ideas for different follower looks
• Royal Archer – Robin Hood – StarCraft unit
• Court Wizard – Wild Mage - Druid – Mini Diablo – Fire Elemental - Succubus
• Keep Guard – Frost Golem –
• You could implement a Bestiary type system as well. Where you can collect and use all the monsters.
A simple solution would be to add follower dyes and weapon dyes. Lime green Skorn anyone?
In my opinion shields have become obsolete. Morale would introduce a system where by having high defenses you would do more damage as the fight goes on or potentially give an aura type debuff similar to Mantra of Conviction. This would positively affect multiplayer games because you would want a shield user in the group and encourage everyone to have a shield offspec.
• Every time you are struck you get a stacking buff that adds 1% crit and 10% crit damage. Multi player is tedious because mobs have so many hit points
• Only by equipping a shield can you gain the morale effect or possibly have a corresponding talent.
• Shields reduce incoming damage by 25% or more. Shields are under powered. Test it, take a good character and put a shield on him and see how far thier damage drops. The amount of mitigation should be relative to the amount of damage lost.
• Shields should have a natural ability to draw the attention of enemies. This increases with stacks of morale.
Well There you have it folks, a relatively simple way to use existing content and give it new life. I would like to go into more detail but I leave that to you.
(I would settle for quest experience.)

I'd rather have 1.0.8 just fix the problems rather then introducing more potential problems.

Otherwise a better due-ahem... "brawling" system would be nice in which we can team up with other people thus having 2v2, 2v1, 3v1 (in which one player has their awesome gear and the other players have lousy weapons -- or just buff the one player's health by a lot).

A pvm survival horde mode would also be pretty neat, perhaps add or change existing events and make them more like Jar of Souls but far more challenging (obviously these events would have a warning before entering or something).
I can't see how a game can have a bigger problem than "it gets boring"

I picked up diablo 3 with no intention of PVPing, i'm sure i'm not the only one.

Survival Mode sounds neat.
I hope you know that there are many many more folks reading this than actually respond. And I wanted you to know how much I, personally, appreciate it.

I like your proposal. Thanx for all the great "formulating."

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