So its been 200 days since I last played...

I gave up D3 after getting stuck in act 1 inferno with a few characters about a month or two after released. Naturally the first thing I did once logging back in after more than half a year was to visit the auction house where I had previously spent many an hour staring at slack jawed and hitting the refresh button. My jaw literally hit the floor when I saw what used be uniques worth 10s of millions now going for about a hundred thousand gold. Returning back to my first class, the wizard, id like to finally finish inferno difficulty and now it appears that the gear is cheap enough for me to finally afford to. Back before I quit, my wizard was running the standard blizzard/hydra kiting build. I only have about 2.6 million to my name but about 13 bucks in the RMAH (from selling low level uniques during the first week) that I can convert to about 50 million gold. Not much considering how some people seem to have billion gold gear. Still it no longer appears to cost an arm and a leg and a first born child to boot to finally get decent equip to finish plain jane inferno. With that being the case, what equip should i look for thats under 100k each and that will let me finish inferno, preferrably in style. I would be awesome to be rolling in uniques but not all of them are probably worthwhile.
Friend me, and I'll work with you to gear. You can get through inferno easy as CM.
In addition to talking to experienced wizards I'd suggest checking out the following instructional videos provided here by Boozor:
Thanks for all the help rofl

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