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So i can't get a game going atm, i can log in and everythign is cool but apparently a few people are sayign that there will be server restart in a couple min, maybe maintenance maybe just a restart.

But yeah for anyone wondering why you can't play, don't stress, i think the servers are going down for a little bit guys.

If anyone can confirm that would be great as i havn't done a seach yet, will edit if i find anythign concrete.
Yeah, its down to pick up an update.
anyone know how long for?
It's backup now.
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cheerz mate, unfortunatelly i had already fallen alseep lol. I figured it could be my surprise patch for the morning lol i will log into a fresh D3 and the game will be another step closer to awesome.

Thanks for the heads up in both threads on this topic Narull.

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