new DH need help for inferno.

any idea whts the min AR, LoH or defensive stat i need in inferno as a DH? i really hate using shield. any tips are welcome.ty.
No need for us to use shields in lower MPs, but you definitely want to try and pick up at least another 1K armor. Most DH aim for around 4k I believe, but having a little bit lower is not a problem (especially if you have a barb to play with)

I would drop Broodling for Perfectionist, which should help you out alot more.

Also, I would get rid of sentry for prep(battle scars) or shadow power(gloom), because either of those skills can save your life where a sentry wont help you much at all.

Your dps is high so you should be melting stuff without needing caltrops, so you could replace that skill with the good old boar to boost your resistances even more.

But I think you are doing pretty good so far, just try to get your health, armor, and resists up without losing too much dps, and you should have no problem destroying mp0 and mp1, just play smart!!!!!

@ flax

ty sir. very much appreciated :)
hmm... your fake dps is showing. take off sharpshooter (no offense, but i can't help if i don't know your actual dps. steady aim, keep it if you want)

well it depends what you are going for.

hybrid glass cannon or hybrid tank.

i like my hybrid tank (not shown with my current build and gear) what it is is you have guardian turret, gloom and fast atk spd with high cc (usually ove 2.1 atk spd and over 40% cc). Weapon I use is a calamity with either bitter pill or shock collar as primary. Point is to spam gloom without worrying about discipline because of night stalker passive, (dps is 71k with this build and 64k hp, however 40k dps works well because ive tried it in act 3)

next one, is just hybrid glass cannon. Passives is what ever you want (though i tend to stick to the passives used in hybrid tank). As it states, aim for high dmg while still be able to take hits. I use devouring arrow, but been using shock collar for better proc. and Elemental arrow, lightning.
@ aztecwarrior

unfortunately i cant take my sharpshooter atm cuz i'm at work. my real dps i think is 35k. and for your tip, i will keep that in mind. ty very much.
totally forgot that sharpshooter buffs the DPS numbers big time :X
yeah, np nikkitta. as i said, sharpshooter messes up with profile dps so i can't really tell.

35k dps. Hmm

Id take off steady aim, unless you plan to keep a distance from the enemies always, and replace it witch archery.

You should get an andariels visage(400k and under), they are cheap and will increase your dps.
Amulet, craft a vit amulet, and get lucky with 2 good rolls (atk spd, cc, cdmg) gloves, i suggest getting what i have, sage gesture (doesn't have atk speed) they are somewhat cheap (2mil and under) and good roll on armor. Get inquistor (2mil and under), they are super cheap and give you much needed movement speed and all res ( i rolled with one for a long time). Craft shoulders, dex or vit. Bracers (2mil and under), get a strong arm bracers.

with these you will be rolling with 50kdps with archery. oh and get at least 35% cc + 5% = 40% total to remove the sharpshooter. Dont roll with sharpshooter, it doesn't do that damage at all, it just means if you were to have 100% cc always, you would be dealing that damage, when you really don't.

the two other passives are up to you. if you go my hybrid tank, calamity, for huge boost to atk spd.
man DH is so squishy I can't play this char when I'm half asleep. one mistake you're gone

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