What's wrong with the Gem and RMAH??? Hacked?

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I wonder the gems r created by the hacker or.... The gem price begin going down everyday. The price between GAH and RMAH is very imbalance. The price of a radiant emerald gems in GAH is 28-30m each, so it worth $7.00-7.50 UDS. But in RMAH, its only $3.5 USD each. That doesn't make sense. There should be something wrong with it

And much people haven't received any payments from RMAH. Please fix the problem. That's "real money" :'(
Gold is worth about 12 cents per million.

29 million = $3.48

Both prices make sense. Simply economy.
its 27 cents not 12 Chillaxin on the US sever.

Something is wrong.
maybe he means "outside" of the RMAH? Like on third party websites. Its definitely cheaper there compared to the RMAH, at least for Europe.
ah yep understand.

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