Should I bother using HOTA for ubers?

As pointed out by another forum member, if I use BASH/Punish with WW+RLTW and keep stacks up my tDPS should be a lot higher. Well after a few tries, I managed to hit 2.5m tDPS without too much trouble. This was up from 2.1m

I bought cheapish -4 HOTA SOJ to try out HOTA and the best I could manage was 2.65m tDPS. That was keeping fury as full as I possible and spamming HOTA for 98% of the fight. I was planning on buying a cold SOJ with at least 25% and -5 HOTA but now I am wondering if I should bother. Should I be hitting higher HOTA tDPS?

So are these typical results or am I doing HOTA wrong?
WW / RLTW works well against fat bosses because you can keep them sitting on multiple tornadoes, one of the keys for the DT build. On smaller targets, like Kulle or Magda, it's hard to keep them in your nadoes, as they have smaller hitboxes and naturally kite you.

RLTW works great for Az, SB, etc but smash is better for ubers.

No need for a cold soj. I used one for hota and found the benefit to be negligible because you don't need to keep them slowed as much as you do for RLTW. Sold it and upgraded the dmg vs. elites.

From my experience, HOTA works better with more base damage. In d3rawr, your hota's do less damage than your DT skills. My HOTA does more damage than WW/RLTW because of my base damage.
i would recommend to use rend if you hota for extra dps, and superstition on bosses for some extra fury capping without bash, which adds more dmg
Your DPS test favours sprint/WW because you can get all 4/5 tornadoes hitting Azmodan at once as he just sits there taking it. You'll have a considerably harder time replicating the same effective DPS against Maghda or Kulle.

In terms of what kind of SOJ to get, -5 HotA means you can take berserker rage to sometimes hit with +25% damage from skills. This isn't possible with -4 HotA. I don't think trying to go for cold damage on top of HotA is worth the extra cost, though it is probably the ideal type for WW/Hota farming builds. Personally I would rather get higher elite damage over cold damage.
I guess Azmodan was a best case scenario and wishful thinking for ubers. Glad you guys set me straight. As for the SOJ, -5 HOTA is hard to find in the AH with 25% or more elite damage. I just sifted through 47 pages and the ones that are there are expensive even though they are not cold. Ideally, I would be looking at using it for farming elites once I hit 100 such as I do with my wiz. Perhaps I should look into a cold SOJ if it will make a bit easier to farm with.

Thanks for the help!
Yeah HotA SOJ's are rather expensive, my 5%/28%/-5 one cost me 200 mil, and I imagine that adding cold into the mix greatly increases the cost.

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