zombie apocalypse! how screwed are you!?

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The last weapon I was using was an antidote to Zombieism. So I mass produce it in my lab and have it dispersed via airplane over the every major population center, and in smaller centers via what's left of the military.

well i used raise dead spell from heroes 5 so more zombies and undeads. Me screwed this be no good
I already dispersed the antidote. Everyone's immune to all forms of Zombieism now.

The Archangel satelite / world destroyer thing, what's capable to destroy the Alpha Ceph Japanese !@#$%^ monster from Crysis 3...well...the world is pretty much f****d.
I guess I am a contributor to the Apocalypse as I just reanimated 4 zombie dogs and a gargantuan... sorry!
One does not talk about zombie apocalypse without first stating the nature of the outbreak, viral or supernatural. There are key differences.

The earth opened up under the ocean, a toxic gas released reanimated the dead cells, plants, and sea creatures, who inturn infected the living... It was brought ashore by a surfer in Cali who cut his foot on a protruding clam shell, allowing the virus to enter his body..

He was rushed to the ER after being seen by a beach medic and many other beach going people who in an attempt to stop the bleeding happened to contract the virus themselves... the rest... is history, you are now left with the last weapon or abilty you used in a video game... How screwed are you?

If the virus is powerful enough to jump from different species and even from plants to animals, it is could be considered on level of a magic disease similar to the Marvel Zombie virus. Since that virus has reduced multiple dimensions to lifeless husks, things do not look too great.

Even if we discount super humans been infected and therefore physically defensible, all available food source (since plants are affected) will still be infected. Thus the most important steps are to secure uninfected food or find a way to disinfect food. (Although it probably wouldn't taste great afterwards).

Uploading your conscience into computer networks or becoming an pure energy being is the optimum option after considering all possible aspects.
whoever thought Samus's super suit would come in so handy at a time like this.
I played Audiosurf with ninja-mono character. While I would have a shuriken, it only destroys grey blocks... I think I'm screwed...
Id just board myself up in a liqour store.....I'd be fine.
I have the leash from Bulletstorm. Infinite use, and would most likely rip apart zombies upon each pull, due to their decaying bodies. Works for me!
03/03/2013 02:21 AMPosted by Drothvader
Does Fus Ro Dah count as a weapon?

Can a Mahjong piece, kill a Zombie if I throw it hard enough in its face??

Or said another way, I am royally screwed:))
Last thing used was an assault rifle and a magnum in Uncharted 1. I guess I must be Rick Grimes then, or until I run out of ammo.
Does a hot dog count as weapon? I just learned how to make one...

For me, it would be one of my boy toys in bumtropics.

They will be fodder for the slaughter.
I had a draw-4 in UNO, I don't think that's gonna do much for me.
Diamond Pickaxe!
If I'm not mistaken, that means I have a boxing Tyrannosaurus Rex that eats Exploding gems at my command.

I think I'm good.

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