i am #1 aps! USA

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what else can i logically do, without breaking my survivability?

i am #1 aps usa for barbarians, without cheating, and with real gear on that works in high mp!

anyone got any tips?!
APS? Is that some new syndrome?
sorry but all i hear is , TROOLOLOLOLOLOLOL from you.
03/03/2013 12:32 PMPosted by Darkhosis
APS? Is that some new syndrome?

well i found my echoing fury a few weeks ago, and since then ive kind of been like an addict towards APS, just makes me feel so beastmode, lol.
it stand for, attacks per second.

another troll.... go figure....
yes, but the cookie must be big, and full of chocolate.
and for the record, i didnt just get attack speed in every slot, i did it properly, without destroying my survivability, thats why im asking how i can achieve more, without breaking the ability to stay alive. :P jeeze, such critics, and trolls.... =[
Psh your shoulders dont even have any attacks speed!

i wish i could get aps on that slot, id be on it like a chubbster on mah cookie im supposed to get here in a bit.
Play hardcore.... Softcore is easy...
great set up :) just curious if the nat set if replaced might help you in the long run. You got a nice nat set for a barb so I am not sure.
03/03/2013 12:55 PMPosted by NeLLy
Play hardcore.... Softcore is easy...

Go back to your forum. We don't go over to your forum and mock your for your insane disconnects and broken system. HC is a waste of time IMHO be careful.
i think if anything, im going to get a nats ring about the same as the one i have, but with life%.
Quite cool!

How to top this?
Still there is an improvement with the Mempo, and there are Asheara's Tracks

But the boots I don't really recommend. :P

Edit: Maybe use Frenzy. :D And then I want to see that video!
yea there are ashearas, also legacy zuni boots, but that fractures my survivability, and loses my nats 2 set =]

and i do actually use frenzy, i just swap between em all the time, they are equally as good when you have insane attack speed.

i do deffinately need a new mempo, but im gonna go for the gusto on my next one =]

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