i am #1 aps! USA

Items and Crafting
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yea but he is wearing cheaters gear, id like to see him farm in that. lol
Would need too many quote to point out all the nasty nerds in this thread
you could use your enchantress.
mempo( 1 att speed, 2 crit)
Tal Chest( All resist)
Amulet(1.5 crit)
Gloves( 2 crit)
Natring(2 crit)
other ring(1.5 crit)
echoing fury(1 crit)
dagger (3 att speed, and life steal)

then you shall be SET. nice barb btw. i want one as good

Edit: didn't notice your Lacuni's ( 1.5 crit) THEN you'll be set xD

ah noted, and stickied on my desktop, thank you!
i dont ever seeing myself getting all res on the tals chest, i have to sacrifice alot of stats to do that, i would rather just pick it up on my craftable gloves, and on my WH eventually.

probably gonna get a litany with attack speed too i think =]
my tals chest has over 250 vit broskie!
A better title to this thread would be:

"Behold! The only barb who doesn't use IK!"
All you need is legacy attack speed boots from the WD set I believe and then your attack speed will be even higher.
A better title to this thread would be:

"Behold! The only barb who doesn't use IK!"

LOL, i see a few barbs here and there that dont use IK, i think sorrid and sabrefenix are a few of them.
with that attack speed, can you shoot your !@# less than 1 sec ?
i think its more like 3-4 times a second :o lol
i wonder if it is possible to get 80 str/ 200+vit/ all res on a tals chest.
to be honest, i think the max str/vit you can achiev with getting all res as well is 100/100
enchantress +3%
i would use the enchantress, but i already reach the 4.00 breakpoint for WW ticks in wrath, so i dont need it, i would much rather have 3% cit xD plus my scoundrel has a buriza and star of azkaranth hueueue

but yes, that would be an option!
i appreciate the help everyone, i shall work towards being a stronger barbarian.
Amazing. The feel of higher break points is non-reversible. Once you bump up a BP, you don't go back. It's like going from coarse grind to fine grind coffee when you do your runs. A small hit on DPS is well worth the APS if you maintain a balance.

@the stupid comments
Seems like the same people who complain about D3 are the same ones chirping. Maybe if you opened that little brain slightly, you would attempt to understand. "Do you want a cookie?" Really? Do you want to kneel down and smile like a donut?

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