i am #1 aps! USA

Items and Crafting
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+95% attack speed? haha.

why are you not a throw barb.

WW tick threshold, wanted to get to 15 ticks per second, i might try throw barb for the luls tomorrow tho, sounds fun, i used to play it for a week or two back like 3 months ago, didnt feel like it suited my need to hulk smash tho haha
dude everyone else can keep serving you those JELLY TOASTIES. congrats on your insane APS and DPS and you da man. everyone else, you JELLY
Hey. Firstly, well done man. 95% IAS is awesome! Forget the mockeries man, you are doing well! My 50 cents advice, for all it's worth, if you have the gold (which I believe you would by now), get another left ring with some CD, CC and IAS. The 71 str is kind of useless to your current superiority, but I think the extra CD will be quite a boost. Good luck!
whats your mh oh attacks per second, damage unbuffed crit crit damage, and all resist.
ok trol let me feed you
put some zunimassa's boots (see Saberfenix's profile)
Legacy Zuni's boots for an extra 6% going to cost ya a fortune
Diablo "Cleavious" (sLimRyda#1783)
Softcore Americas Barbarian 60
Last Logout: 3 hours ago
Battletag: sLimRyda#1783 Battle.net
Paragon Level: 100
world: 8519 (barb: 3502)
Americas: 3207 (barb: 1443)
Heroscore: 11,996
world: 50K+ (barb: 11335)
Americas: 18586 (barb: 3795)
DPS Unbuffed: 159,301.28
world: 50K+ (barb: 6991)
Americas: 16965 (barb: 2124)
EHP Unbuffed: 575,994
world: 50K+ (barb: 50K+)
Americas: 47976 (barb: 32121)
Elite Kills: 48,588
Life: 44,740
world: 50K+ (barb: 50K+)
Americas: 50K+ (barb: 28993)
Resistance: 447
world: 50K+ (barb: 50K+)
Americas: 50K+ (barb: 50K+)
Armor: 5,859
world: 50K+ (barb: 50K+)
Americas: 29580 (barb: 29027)
Strength: 2,205
world: 50K+ (barb: 50K+)
Americas: 36753 (barb: 36753)
Dexterity: 433
Intelligence: 413
Vitality: 939
world: 50K+ (barb: 50K+)
Americas: 50K+ (barb: 45447)
Attacks per Second: 3.27
world: 460 (barb: 27)
Americas: 150 (barb: 11)
Critical Hit Chance: 46.50%
world: 50K+ (barb: 2548)
Americas: 34432 (barb: 807)
Critical Damage: 403.00%
world: 50K+ (barb: 50K+)
Americas: 48459 (barb: 21164)
Dodge Chance: 18.33%
Melee Damage Reduction: 12.00%
Life Bonus: 35.00%
Life per Second: 496
world: 50K+ (barb: 50K+)
Americas: 50K+ (barb: 40093)
Life on Hit: 915
world: 50K+ (barb: 50K+)
Americas: 50K+ (barb: 28846)
Movement Speed: 36.00%
Magic Find: 300.00%
Gold Find: 300.00%
PvP Dummy: 458,783
world: 41059 (barb: 13541)
Americas: 14487 (barb: 4852)

Your current diabloprogress stats, definitelty NOT number 1 aps in america...
Better version of what you got now?
- Mempo can roll 9%
- You can get a ring and amu with str, ias, cc, cd... if you're lucky with a damage or all resists roll..
- higher damage for your main?

If you are willing to break your Nat set..
How about , try getting
- another ring as I mentioned above, and
- Ice climer boots with str, movement rolls
Broken system? One of the worst busted systems in the game is the softcore economy, over flooded with garbage, and real world money.
But I made the switch long ago to HC for the simple fact that it actually feels like a game, where you have to plan ahead and be a lil smarter, rather than just dive into an MP10 without a care because death is fake.
My boots are for sale :) and not even that pricey...

That would allow you to get a new ring with +damage .... it's practically criminal to run around with your aps and have 2/3 jewelry with no +damage. You are leaving so much damage off the table it's ridiculous.

I'm sure this has already been mentioned but almost as bad is 0.22 on your EF. WTF?! Dude you have plenty of work to do :)
"Everyone is now slightly dumber" after reason the responses.

1st) Specific classes and builds take advantage of certain situations. Slim didn't say he was running mp10 Ubers, did he. His APS will out perform anyone else's farming in mp5-8. Hands down. If he hits you 4 times with 50% CC it's still better than 1 time with 70%.
2) Slim stated he was number 11 but with the top ten using white daggers with !@#$ty stats. Therefor he's number 1 APS while still maintains high DPS
3) only sheep chirp without trying. Cookie cutter follower bandwagon barbs making comments when they have zero thought invested and have simply copied someone's build.
4) HC is purely for the HC player. Slim would be stupid to experiment APS in hardcore
5) Lets see battle rage tDPS then you can talk.
6) APS > DPS for farming and farming alone.
EF has top damage.

Nados and OpKs or Rend run off MH damage and then allow you to WW to use OH stats.

The fear on EF is a small price to pay for the large damage bump. If slim DT/WWs through a mob and 1 shots them or the Nados take care of them then the fear doesn't matter does it? Derp. If he was farming high Mps and wasn't clearing quick enough to stop fear he could swap in a cold SOJ. In fact with a cold soj and an IAS drop somewhere else he would have even more tDPS and still maintain 3.5+ BP. Of coarse he wouldn't be number 11 APS in NA. (Number one if you consider the top ten have some shot gear on)
I'm pretty sure you need

Requires level

The Ancient Bonesaber of Zumakalis
(get one with a socket and put a ruby in it) .17 and .25 = .42so echoing fury will have a base of 1.62 aps and sword will have a base of 1.82 aps (as far as i've been able to tell), meaning all your ias will pump everything a lot more).
The Ancient Bonesaber of Zumakalis(get one with a socket and put a ruby in it) .17 and .25 = .42so echoing fury will have a base of 1.62 aps and sword will have a base of 1.82 aps (as far as i've been able to tell), meaning all your ias will pump everything a lot more).

If you need to hulk smash and want to do throw barb, use seismic slam
Seems like only a better mempo , echoing fury, and dagger could increase your aps without giving up something. If you only want more aps then legacy zuni and wizard spike (is a white dagger faster?) would be faster. 9 ats on your mempo and a .25 echo + the zuni and faster dagger and I think you will have the max possible aps.

I made a super fast barb back in 1.04 just for fun, but his setup was garbage other than the aps. I still have a pair of legacy zuni boots with str in my stash somewhere if you are interested, but It seems like you wouldn't be willing to give up the nats bonus.
Slimryda tDPS

BR/WotB/OpKs 1.59m tDPS
". ". " and Bash 3 stacks- 2.3m tDPS

Simply dropping a little IAS and swapping in an SOJ and more CD, CC, or strength would give you the best potential tDPS.

Why do I see you using revenge and not sprint?
800k dps? Impressive O_O.

Oh you've captured your dps with insanity and overpower. Now i get it :)
5) No good barb and im mean NONE wears A Tal Rasha chest rofl. if i wore a Tal Rasha chest and put on my Inna's temperance pants i would surpase you in APS (as im ranked 15th in the US) and still have better dps,strength, vit, AR, Life, crit damage,and loh.


Jesus christ, you're salty.

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