i am #1 aps! USA

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Nice Barb, OP.

I disliked the class until I started playing it self found loot only, my goal is to make a very fast Barb like yours because this is how I love to play it ! Such a beast ;)
lololol, way to self-buff and get a fury shrine there. Making all the poor newbies think your damage is high. As-is, your character looks completely unplayable, but if that's what gets you off...

Also, barbarians have been breaking 1mil dps with those tricks since like 1.04 or something, maybe earlier, so your dps is clearly no too impressive if you can't match sheet dps of barbs from like half a year ago.
My Barb hits 3.81 IAS in game and 96% IAS in my profile. I do not play with this setup, just put it on to see where my IAS was after reading your post!! It drops my vit by 3k, dps by 100k and my AR by over a 100. I got most of my Barb gear from my friends (10) who are no longer playing this game. I started as a DH.

Do not know what MP this setup can play at.
Ignore the haters, you have a very nice barb. Sure you could get a few more IAS on weapons and helm but that will come in time. Well done.
i'm selling a 175str mempo 9ias 6cc
it's currently on my wiz.
or if you have a int 9ias 6cc to trade...
Only advice I would give is to refine all your extra stats, what I mean is that you have high APS and that is good but having that and crit chance and crit damage all in a proper balance will lead to much higher dps. Simple as this my Barb <---- feel free to profile me is a subtle combination of all three without over focusing on one my standing dps is 330k. I can beserk out and collect frenzy stacks and log out with 1.3 million dps, so to other readers and newer players dont be confused the person who started this thread does not actually have 800k dps lol.
With your APS, would you get more benefit from a Ruby in your weapons? I am curious.

i only buffed my dps last night to see how high i could get it, it actually doesnt have anything to do with this thread, and no, i do not use that skill build its retarded, simply only to see what i could get my dps to.....


and yes, i am #1 USA, if you filter out the cheaters.
people using white daggers, or that stupid spear, are not viable.
now my skillset is back to normal -.-
and i have 64.5% crit, with 453% crit damage, 413 all res (this will be 550 eventually), and 44k hp.

im doing fine, and this will only get better. my tDPS is like 880k or something unbuffed.

im not sure if i would benefit from a ruby i should try it sometime.
and for those who saw 860k dps, thats without a frenzied shrine actually haha ^_^
you're missing Zunnis Travel [Legacy] (:
Well one thing you could do is wonder what else you could possibly do! Other than bein a big stinkin gloat about how large of crap you leave on deck.
You are missing 3%aps. 2% from weapon(offhand) and 1% from your Helm. You should get them
what else can i logically do, without breaking my survivability?

i am #1 aps usa for barbarians, without cheating, and with real gear on that works in high mp!

anyone got any tips?!

you are slacking off, your mempo is only a 8/4, missing out on that whole 1 IAS for that item slot!
I'm pretty sure the title of this thread was referring to having a high APS barb.
Te title was not "most balanced barb", "highest tDPS barb", "best survivability barb" etc.

The guy went for a high APS barb with good damage and other stats. Sure e could drop this to gain that but it wasn't his !@#$ing goal.

I'd rather read a thread about someone hoeing off their hard work non cookie cutter builder than read some whiney comments from sub-par nothing special barb. At least his barb is good at one thing rather than bad at everything.

Where I'm from, birds that chirp, get shot.
At least his barb is good at one thing rather than bad at everything.

yea it comes with time, eventually i will make all my stats better, =]

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