Brawling VRS PVP

In my opinion brawlings isnt pvp its a joke. But looking past that and instead of just talking smack about it I'll toss my 2 cents in and I have 2 comments.
A) if your gonna make a pvp just simply make it a option like selecting opening a game for the public. Give us a option to make the whole game a true pvp and just add small pvp next to MP lets say. Then those who want pvp can pvp anywhere in game they choose and not just in a tiny area. Also it would infuse the pvp with the regluar game monsters.

B) brawling area, Why not make it a contest ground. Like a event going into Ubers. the whole pt accepts and you begin the battle. Give the battle a time limit say 5- 10 minutes. which ever feels right and the game keeps count of each persons kill count and the winner after 5-10 minutes of battle wins the match and a chance to fight a solo uber at a mp predetermined by the game mp it started on and if that person beats the uber they get a legendary item or some new item you come up with. personally I'd like the Uber for that to be the pissy Angel Imperious. Would be fun to give him a smack down.

Well thats just my 2 cents
thanks for reading
Adding reward to brawling will result in cheating for reward.

two bots can do the job
Yes botter can do alot of different things. Its up the the game to block and ban the botters. I was simply suggusting a way to make the game for fun for Players.
what you're suggesting is probably scheduled for 1.1 ... whenever that actually comes lol
Although I think open world PVP would be pretty fun I have some concerns about it. Try to picture a situation where you go in game for PVP then a barb you`re supposed to fight teleport to an area with huge monster density and You follow him. With the monster to fuel his fury he can sprint forever untill the cd of his Wotb or ignore pain runs out. You`ll only face him when he wants you to and it`s pretty hard to out run a barb. A monk could also tempest rush through a wide open map and only face you when his serenity and SSS are off cd. Hit and run tatics would be pretty nasty and unfun for most. Besides there`s the influence of the elite monsters that could eventually get in the midle of a fight (ok...that would be cool but it can ruin the PVP experience for many players). Imagine you using a perfect timed set of skills and some vortex or walled monster ruins your combo by pulling/trapping you or putting a wall betwen you and your oponent. I believe creating new brawling arenas in the future may be a better option. That`s just my opinion though.
i think he's got a good point ! I would kill to see a 10 min deathmatch in D3. I also must say I'm reticent as well concerning eventual ''concrete'' reward for PvP but simply new avatar/emblem/flag would be pretty cool.

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