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Hi All,

I mostly play HC, though this should be just as applicable to SC, and an issue I'd like to raise is around multi-player etiquette.

Why is it difficult to:

- say hi, hello, howdy, etc when joining a game?
- why is it difficult to say goodbye, thanks, gg, etc when leaving a game?

I see a lot of griping on these forums about multi-player, but I gotta tell ya. The in-game polite chatter can suck some serious balls.

Let's act like the sentient, semi-intelligent beings we are and greet and part ways with each other like civilized folks.

I've said this before not too long ago, but public games are like bus stops. People come and go without any real intention to socialize. There is not enough incentive to talk or cooperate.

I wish I had some ideas to promote this but I'm afraid that a multiplayer etiquette is the best I can come up with as well. Unfortunately I doubt it will create enough awareness to change the situation to make it more social.
03/02/2013 11:29 PMPosted by squared99
Why is it difficult to

This is what you get when you have a 2012 online co-op game with no in game Voice Communication. It is extremely silly to not use this technology.
The only communicating I do in pubs is dropping my banner. I don't even like doing that, but it just takes 1 key. But yeah, multiplayer would be 5 times better with a built in voice chat.
The multiplayer experience in this game is terrible. I really want to use a worse word but don't wish to enflame the crazies on the forums.

And is it my imagination or has it only gotten worse after the patch...?

- Level 12 anything on MP7
- Everyone running of on their own so anyone picking something up is left for dead to the late spawn mobs
- Nobody calls out E so if you go to town to salvage or sell you can miss two groups depending on how fast the others can run...?

I personaly find the game a lot more fun with others but in this environment I only feel like wanting to murder people after a MP game...

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