D3 is missing a general lounge area map

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The dev team doesn't have the resources to re do the entire social UI. Good luck with that one.
yeah... i love this idea a lot.

meeting lots of people and aggro-ing them to come over to the chapel for some sunday prayers together.
Like town in Path of Exile
Well, the choice to enter these lounges are always going to be optional. If you don't like it then you don't need to join it. =] but please remember we are playing an online only game... we're not trying to turn it into a different game, just add some fun refreshing features that will be optional for players. No harm done to anyone ~
Dear Travis Day,

You are the first D3 Dev to really try and listen to the community.

I have 100% faith in you so far, and really really wish you could implement this idea.

This will really add some life to the game, and will be a great addition before the game launches for consoles, too.
this idea is golden 10/10 maybe we could get a clan/guild support not like wow with full on raiding and stuff. but just kinda like a team and we see whose on and can group up and go do hc/acts together. so basic functions only of seeing whose online, chat, and inviting to do acts/hc modes or w/e
Would be interesting, im pretty sure it could be done in a way that would fit with Diablo.
blame console. they don't have the hardware to display that many characters in a zone at once.

therefore PC suffers.

ty blizz.

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