1.08 And Waypoint Travel Between Acts 1,2,3 And 4

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Hello everyone,

I assume my post will be burried within minutes of being on the forum like most are but I have decided to make this post anyway.

Gameplay in Diablo 3 has been getting better with each patch that has been released.
Although I do still have some concerns.

In Diablo 2 I was able to move between acts using the Waypoints.

I do appreciate that Blizzard has now allowed movement to the next act while keeping your NV stacks, Although for the gamplay to be what I am looking for. I would like to be able to navigate between Act 1,2,3, and 4 as I feel I need to.

I would like to join a game and be able to just have the freedom to play where I want when I want.
Why is it a requirement to leave my current game that I have spent time in collecting stacks to move to a different area in a different act.

Blizzard I challenge you, You encourage us to not play the same route over and over, Nor do we much enjoy playing the same content over and over. Yes I do it, Yes I deal with it. But the game in MY oppinion would be more enjoyable if I was able to do two simple things :

1) Create A game in an act I choose on the quest I want.
2)Be able to move back to quests that would have been already completed in previous acts via waypoint travel while keeping the stacks I have earned.

Gameplay is just not the same when I am limited to one act and the quest I am on.
We all already start the game off 90% of the time on the Boss quest of an act allowing us access to all the waypoints so we are able to travel the the areas we desire within that act.

Expand, Make it better It would in MY oppinion have a great impact on the game.

I agree. Not even need bosses there.
Yes I agree.

It's horrendous the number of many good suggestions that are are simply asking for features D2 already had.

Anyways, after the recent news I got the feel they at least are trying to make things better. Maybe what's written here would become reality too in a near distant future, who knows? Identify all is coming back, that's good. Not perfect since Cain is still dead murdered from the butterfly attack of Rita Repulsa of Power rangers, but still.. Identify all is back, and that's.. good.
Definitely a good point :)
This is a easy thing blizzard could do to improve the game. They just talked about improving mob density in acts 1,2 & 4 to create more options for farming. This would increase the options even more.

Not to mention that the game has too linear of a feel. There is no reason not to do this. Just like there should have always been an ID all this should have been in the game from the start.
Totally agree. This would improve the game substantially.
Glad to hear you guys agree.
Diablo 3 is a good game no doubt, But It just feels like it's missing some key features in the gameplay.

Waypoint Navagation is a must and I dont understand why it was limited.
It would even decrease load on Blizzard servers less games per hour more people hmm "Actually Playing The Game" ...

Please add waypoint navagation I enjoy playing Diablo 3 in my spare time here and there but I feel its very repetitive at this point. Everyone is out doing the same thing over and over.

I like how Blizzard is going to add more monster density and more randomization, But lets take it one step further.

Lets add Waypoint Navagation and get this game playing the way its ment to be played!
+1 I agree with waypoint navigation as well once the player has completed all 4 acts in inferno.

I would also add that we should be able to play in a group of 4 - 8 players in a single game, why the limit at 4?

Imagine a game where you could have all 5 classes in a single game, you will want to use more skills that will benefit the group such as for:
Barb has his sprint/ shout
WD has +attk speed voodoo doll or can just help to hex enemies for the group
Wiz has time warp for speed or more damage
DH has sentries or mark of death to increase dmg for the group
Monk has the mantra to help buff the group.

There will be a good mix of skills to help benefit the group as whole but instead people don't use them because its more efficient to use solo build skills rather than a build based on group play simply because its less efficient for now but u had more players in the game, the additional benefit of using group skills really shines with 5 classes playing together in a single game.
+1 OP

But, do include the bosses.

I wanna kill Ghom. And Spider Queen. And The warden. And Skeleton King. But I dont wanna waste my time..

I would propose making the bosses feel more epic in battle, a little harder (obviously not hard to a lot of people) and buffing there droprates somewhat. Maybe make bosses have x2 legendary drop rate, but they only spawn if for example: you cleared 90% or more of all mobs and elites in keeps1/2/3, now here you are at the end of keeps 3 and you can hear Ghom as you run up to The Larder. That is your reward for clearing 90% + of the zone (not just running through keeps 2 where mobs are and tele'ing out) this forces you to go into more corners and kill things etc.. Not just the mindless speed running through packs and thats it. But you also get a reward for it, now you get to kill a boss and have 2x MF on his drops.

I would totally disagree with just taking wp's to bosses and killing them.
And if having bosses in a manner I requested too much, well leave them as is with no bonus, its basically an elite pack.

Or, if having them at all is too much, than just please please please open up all waypoints after completing every quest act1-4 inferno. I really would like to expand my act 3 runs to include (but not limited to) southern highlands check for cave of moon clan and watchtower, the jail (and warden), festering woods (for elites), halls of agony (prob my fav spot in game) black canyon mines (for elites), desolate sands and vota, and ALL of act 4 (without waiting for cutscenes and without backtracking and wasting time opening "hell rifts")

Speaking of which, buff the hell rifts.. shouldnt that be one the damn scariest places in the game?
Just do away with the NV stacks. They were originally there to prevent botting etc. It's obvious that didn't work so do away with them altogether, then moving between acts would not be an issue
just in case you don't know. one of the better farming methods now is to
a) run keep2 over and over again on mp10
http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8087879142 (this guy got 12)

b) run crypt of the ancients over and over again on mp10

I did crypt for an hour yesterday and got 3 legendaries. (at 550% MF with no stack).

the argument that you need NV stacks for anything other than ubers/keywardens is pretty much debunked.

high enough MF is all you need.
+1 For awareness.

People of the forum post your replies, More people that talk about this gives them a better reason to finally add it.
No excuse to not have waypoint navagation in game between acts.
This would be so nice, especially for key runs. In addition to the other quality of life improvements coming in 1.0.8, this would just make my day.
Imagine getting 5NV then fighting each keywarden, then fighting ubers with collected keys... you should be able to do this in 1 run.
This should of been added prior to the release of Diablo 3.
Im not gonna Hate because it was not put in the game, Cant cry over spilt milk.

But, I think we all agree. This would be an amazing add on.

Having Waypoint navagation between acts encourages Public Game Play,
Sure I enjoy playing private running the same run over and over and over.
Well honestly no I reallly dont enjoy it that much..

But having the freedom to play where I want and when I want would improve gameplay by 10 fold
I was very disappointed when I first played this game and couldn't zip through acts using the waypoints as I pleased.
I posted the following proposal back in January which included some value-added propositions with regards to open travel across waypoints/acts.


After the announcement of D3 on the Playstation, I now understand why Jay Wilson said the following during the Reddit Q&A when someone had asked about a free play mode (aka open world, aka open waypoints across acts).

No plans for this currently. We wanted the game to have a greater focus on story, and so decided to have a linear quest flow so we could advance plot and world changes. Creating a free play mode would be a major reworking of all our content.

Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/uoooj/i_am_we_are_wyatt_cheng_andrew_chambers_and_jay/c4x6w7d

I realize the PR spin regarding the fact that D3 was created with the PC in mind first. That may be true of the user interface and controls but not necessarily with the content/gaming world; the whole linear feeling of the game belies this notion and seems to fit well within the context of a console.

What doesn't make sense is how a free play mode entails a major reworking of all their content. Basically, the last quest in each act already has all waypoints within that act open and you can basically travel to any location within that act. The major thing you do not get are the mini-bosses. Re-purposing them elsewhere should not be a major reworking of said content because these exact same bosses were utilized for ubers (so it is not like they are tied in any static way to a particular locale). Thus it should not be a major problem to re-insert them in their respective chambers. The only key issues are removing the last quest/quest givers and linking waypoints across acts (and I sort of covered some of the technical reasons for why Blizzard may not want to do that in my original proposal).

With D3 coming to a console, I no longer have much hope that we'll see a truly open/free roam mode in Diablo III anytime soon.
03/05/2013 07:59 PMPosted by evok
Just do away with the NV stacks. They were originally there to prevent botting etc. It's obvious that didn't work so do away with them altogether, then moving between acts would not be an issue

I thought NV stacks were there to prevent quick MF games?

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