1.08 And Waypoint Travel Between Acts 1,2,3 And 4

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After recent news this is the only thing I'm missing.
+999 to it.
didn't read but your title says it all. yes we need this feature!
bump This should have been carried over from d2
It amazes me...I mentioned this idea about a month ago and it got hammered down by everyone that posted on it.

03/06/2013 12:10 PMPosted by DeadRu
No. We lost this because it was badly abused by the botters,hackers , dupers in D2 not to mention players.

Sometime i wonder if you think before you post
lol at that post by JW

want us to focus on the story??

its even more interesting the 50th time i hear
+1 , better with bosses
I want to put my support in this as well. I started a thread about this too. It might still be on the front page. Probably best to consolidate this, so the support is in one area.
1+ hoping they add this soon
+9000 this is a must have !

Coz this is missing i stoped playing D3 ... but still hoping for the feature to come back or better in to D3
I believe will be getting this feature in some form with RoS dubbed Adventure Mode
Yes I agree.

It's horrendous the number of many good suggestions that are are simply asking for features D2 already had.

Anyways, after the recent news I got the feel they at least are trying to make things better. Maybe what's written here would become reality too in a near distant future, who knows? Identify all is coming back, that's good. Not perfect since Cain is still dead murdered from the butterfly attack of Rita Repulsa of Power rangers, but still.. Identify all is back, and that's.. good.

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