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Hello fellow barbs as the title says i need help. Some elites in mp 8 kill me. Im wondering what should be my next upgrade. I know a skorn with ls will help but what else. Thank you for your time.
Also my mission is make it to mp10 plz help ;)
I see 0 lifesteal on your barb.

I assume you run bloodthirst with hota? Also get rid of that 50k gold skorn and grab one with decent average damage (1400+).

Other than that, better jewlery and higher vit on chest+boots are obvious options.
Cmon throw some tips my way guys
Thanks Seinfire, Is dual wield better thank 2 hand for hota. And yea im running with bloodthirst for right now
03/06/2013 12:54 PMPosted by Anonymous
Thanks Seinfire, Is dual wield better thank 2 hand for hota. And yea im running with bloodthirst for right now

I think 2h is better in the long run, much higher rend damage, and you shouldn't have issues keeping wrath with your level of attack speed.
So this is the amount of IAS required for permawrath hota? I've tried with my 4 slots and a skorn and cannot do it.
Thanks man, a 1400+ skorn is expensive lol.
@Phatphoeater i seem to keep wrath really good. I think 42% ias is the least u need if i'm not mistaken.
Looking on the ah right now, there's a skorn with 1397 average damage, 290 str, and 193 cd @7.8m.
How much lifesteal though?
I did not mention getting a lifesteal skorn anywhere in my post.

A good one of those will likely set you back 200m+.

My point was just that something with higher average damage would by itself be a huge upgrade.
Oh your right sry thanks man
Is life steal really necessary cause i see a skorn with life on hit. 1446 dps 313str 677 loh or should i go for the 1467 8%ias?
or should i go for the 1273 5.70 ls skorn?
LoH is garbage.

As for ls vs ias skorn, you'll have to do your own calculations as I've never had to make that decision myself.

Depends how comfortable you are with 3% lifesteal. Or if you'd rather run a lifesteal skorn with triple offensive passives.

Plug that 1270 skorn into d3rawr, and compare it to a 1350, looking at fully buffed hota and rend dps.

I personally wouldn't go for anything below the mid 1300's as I'd just end up having to buy a better one in a couple of weeks, but up to you if you think the price difference is worth it.
alright thanks
I am a sword & board barbarian using HoTA build. Lifesteal & resistance is important if you want to survive. You can take a look at my profile for my items and build. You can also take a look at some of my videos if you want. This one in particular is killing ghom in MP10 with HoTA build with no fury generator in the build.
oh wow thank idt

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