Game crashes in Tower of the Damned Level 2.

Technical Support
Often, when I enter Tower of the Damned level 2, game crashes.

When I try to re-enter the same game and reach Tower of the Damned 2 after a crash, it always crashes again.
If I go anywhere else, the game is fine.
If I leave that game and start a new game, it may crash or not (that is, each game has a chance of being "corrupted").

After each crash, it gives me a code saying I should report it to Blizzard.
Here's the code:

All other players are fine in the game, it happens to me only.

I already tried the "fix" tool from the launcher (last option of "help" tab), with no success.
Should I try uninstalling and re-installing the game? That would be annoying.

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