I just never had a chance to say thank you.

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I love you Blizzard, I always have. Ever since I opened up the Diablo 1 box (remember those giant things) and read The Initiate by "some guy" named Chris Metzen; followed by the most beautify dark illustrations by "some other guy" who signed simply as Samwise.

I grew up playing your games. I purchased your old school D&D books simply titled WARCRAFT THE RPG, I pounded SC keys until my fingers bleed (I had an 8 hour game once when I was 16 that still makes me smile).. now that I think about it...I think I purchased SC ~ 4 times over the years =-P. I read all the paper backs from all the universes, I snagged the board games, action figures, hell...I even stole a WC3 card board cut out advertisement from my local mall after they refused to sell it to me. This all happened well before World of Warcraft (even though I eventually I found myself in closed beta). I remember running around to all my friends who were playing dark-ages of Camelot and city of heroes, telling them that there is this huge new mmo on the horizon (I don't think any of us knew just how huge hehe.). I am 31 now, a blizzcon vet with an Asian wife, just landed a job with a huge semiconductor manufacturing company (ill have more time to raid now), SC2 Heart of the Swarm collector’s edition is pre-purchased and im ready to rock on the 12th.

Not sure where this was going, I just never had a chance to say thank you. You have been a HUGE part of my nerdy life and I really do appreciate all the excitement, goose bumps, thrills, and many other over whelming emotions you have gifted me over the years. I ask one favor, please don’t give up on making Diablo the addictive beast we know it can be. Out of all these wonderful times Diablo was at the center with all of its dark epic beautiful themes. Thank you Blizzard.

sincerely your fan,
P.S. Sorry for the piss poor editing I have to run

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