How do I maintain wrath against ubers?

I have trouble permawrathing against uber Maghda and Kulle. The others, no problem. Likewise, in normal games, I can permawrath. I usually farm mp6 and 7, quickly and with no trouble. Even against kiting elites, there's enough trash around to get fury from.

But against those kiting ubers, my technique is exposed. I think the problem is between keyboard and chair. My gear ought to be good enough. I know I'd benefit from a cold SoJ, but I'll get that after a black damage MH. I'm going to save up for the latter and change it when it'll give a big improvement. My current MH isn't black, but it does plenty of damage with the str bonus.

Besides, I shouldn't hide my lack of skill behind good gear. I've run ubers with worse-geared barbs, and they kept up wrath for longer than me.

So, do people have tips on how to handle Maghda and Kulle please?
I use frenzy smite(could be bash clobber) and cold SOJ, makes it easy, and scoundrel freeze helps too if ur soloing. edit: dont use freeze scoundrel against uber khule and siege.

EDIT: BTW my cold soj was 12 mil i think. maybe less.
Are you remembering to dump fury? You can't maintain permawrath without DUMPING fury to GAIN fury. DT/WW against ubers should have no trouble maintaining permawrath unless you're using the time to go rez someone

My SoJ was 4M but that was 2 patches ago i think
hitting IAS breakpoints and having good crit chance is what keep your fury going and your WOTB up. Since you don't have a crit mempo, you might consider swapping out your SOJ for a ring with 6 crit. Perma Wrath > SOJ.

You could also consider dropping your mempo for a 6cc IK helm, but i'll need 9% IAS somewhere else to maintain your breakpoint.

As for play style, make sure you are spending fury as well. Often times when I tank SB on ubers, I generate too much fury and have to spam battle rage a bit in order to spend more and thus generate more.
Alright, you seem to have a decent grasp on how to keep the buff....for the Skele/Maghda fight it can be tough....when they are both present and Skele is warping around keep an eye on your mini map to locate him quick and try to move with him, between him and his minions you should have enough targets to perma-wrath without a problem.

When it is just Maghda it is more about positioning than anything, you need to play a little cat and mouse with her to assure she doesn't tuck herself in a corner and surround herself with arcane and whatnot. Get her into an open area, and when you are pushing her back to the wall, relax a little, let her return back to the open and then get right back onto damaging her. It takes some finesse.Also, if you keep Bash in your build, just hold it down while you spam Sprint and Battle Rage to quickly tack some time onto your Wrath buff.
Thank you all. Wayne's advice is exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for.

I should have said originally that I'm OK dumping fury and I understand the need for that. My problem is building fury against the highly mobile ubers.

I recall now the article Wayne wrote about ubers, and he said to target Kulle first in the Kulle/SB fight. I'll try that next time; hopefully that'll mean I can get enough fury off SB without directly attacking him.
I feel that HotA has a bit of an advantage here, the heightened crit chance from having high fury makes it possible to cycle fury extremely quickly to keep up your WotB timer.

For Kulle/SB I actually prefer to target siegebreaker first these days, Kulle's bubbles no longer affects barbs so you might as well focus on siege where WotB is easy to keep up, then Kulle will lose the ability to teleport after siege is down. This requires you to be able to tank the pickup+rocks/tornadoes combo though.

For Maghda sometimes you can get a bit unlucky if you fear her when she needs to shield or if she camps in the corner with a laser right on top of her. Again HotA has an advantage here as you can hammer over the laser, but WW is doable as well.

Finally, if you're in a party don't be afraid to cast WotB again even if the fight is almost over. You can simply leave->resume game afterwards to refresh the cooldown.
Magda should only present a problem if she is stuck in a corner. Unless you are super tanky, the only thing you can do is lose wrath. I will sometimes do a little dancing by bashing her and running when I see a laser coming or if she hasnt pushed the butterflies out recently. This is usually enough to keep wrath, but if mis-timed it's usually instagib if you get a laser and the butterflies at the same time.

If you go hota/rend, you can tank her in the corner with rend.

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