What inspired your Diablo III character name?

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From the bravest Barbarian to the most driven Witch Doctor, every hero has a name they answer to. Most names do not come from the nether, however. Many are homages to ancestral homelands, respected warriors of old, or even fond relics of the past.

But does a name shape a hero or a hero shape a name?

For this week's community question, we want to ask you: What inspired your Diablo III character name?

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I love Pandas... and it would be funny to imagine a Panda battling around D3.
For obvious reasons. Small...but obvious
Jixxy is the name of my main through BC and WOTLK. So it came to D3 also :) Jixxy was a very minor name in a book I read. The character was a pixy. Jixxy in WoW was Belf Mage. It worked for me.
Thaddeaus which was (or still is) a Greek god. And my middle name : )
These names are not mine, but I saw these somewhere awhile ago.

Fist pump
Face palm

speaks for them selves :)

They are both monks!
I wanted a different name, and one that makes people go "Huh?"
Oxymorons are cool, and I dont like following the rules of nature. (I.E. "cute Koala, cuddly Koala, etc.)
Plus if a koala ever did rage out, I bet they could do some damage :)

Oh I guess that is my battletag, not my character name, I wish I could change my characters name :) *hint hint*

Cuz Michele Bachmann is one crazy witch. and suits to be my witch doctor.
I look forwards to your guys discovering the inspiration of my Barb's name. It surely will make you sweat.
Greek goddess of the hearth (Fire)
This was my main City of Heroes toons name, kept it so myself and my friends would make it easier to find each other.
Wiz - She shoots "high beams" of disintegration.
DH - She will "slit" a demon's throat with fan of knives.
WD - She brings "plagues" of locusts, spiders, toads, and undead.
Barb - Likes Snu Snu and looks like Ndamukong Suh
HC Barb - He are smart, him told me so.
lvl1 Barb = Temporary dumping ground for stuff
lvl4 Monk = Mule for BOA junk that I think might be useful
lvl5 WD = My gf made this char, no clue why she named it Elton John
Witch Doctors name is Ygdrassil Not sure that it's spelled correctly. Its meaning is the Tree of Life, thought it sounded a lil ironic for a WD name...
Colossus - This one's from Xmen. :P
DaVoodoo - Good ol' Nawlins.
Ezio - I dunno, he kind of reminded me of Ezio Auditore
Elandara - Just sounds like a master of the Arcane.
Rasmussen - Monks are like Russia meets Shaolin.

DeathByLag.- I'm tired of dying to lag in Hardcore. >.<
My barb name came from my D2 barb I made back in patch 1.03 (2 weapon barb)
My wizard is my nickname for my girlfriend.
My character names and battletag are derived from objects that were on my desk when I completed character creation.

Raspberry, Shoehorn, Apple, Dishrag...
Khal comes from Game of Thrones of course.

My heroes are all Khal's.

Khal La Morte (Khal the Dead in french is one of my favorites, but not a wise choice for HC though)

Khal Ash is great for casters.

Khal Burg for big dumb fighters/orcs.

And so on.
My name sprouted from when i was around 10 (now 21)

I tried to find an Orig name in the SC broodwar days. Captured wasn't taken and ive used it for almost everything.
WD: Sangoma. The name for a south african Witch Doctor.

Wizard: DeMorte. Name from my Necromancer in D2...Can't remember what brought this one about.

Barb: Sogarr. Seemed like a fitting name for a barbarian, and the name came about from thinking about games I've played in the past.

Demon Hunter: Eve. Just seemed fitting

Monk: Krillin. Totally stolen from Dragonball. I was going to roll a new monk with a new name, until I saw two of my monk friends brawl in the arena. Monk v Monk seriously looks like a Dragonball style fight, and it's awesome.

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