What inspired your Diablo III character name?

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Couldn't possibly be that i luv the !@#$%. Wifes name is Shadoemcpot, hot gamer chicks ftw.
Wu-Tang Clan...because they are not to be #%@$&* with.

Because I am living in Singapore, that is too hot, even my crotch got boiled.
Pu!@#$11: A combination of two tracks from the band Tool.
Beowulf is my Barbaren. Named for the epic monster slayer of Nordic lore.
Xex....cause i love how it sounds (duuh everyone knows why) and its short, simple and it just sounds fun like i am.
diablo 2
what does it matter, chars name is nowhere to be seen only acc.
Barbarian - Whirl n Hurl (Diablo 2 name of my own whirl wind build, why not?)

Witch Doctor - Dr Shockalu (from the movie grandmas boy)

Wizard - Zexxy (Diablo 2 name of my own)

Demon Hunter - Laura Croft (Of course!)

Monk - Chuck Norris (best friend is Bruce Lee, lol)

**WHiRLnHURL** Best Barbarian name EVER!!!!
03/09/2013 11:35 AMPosted by strangelove
what does it matter, chars name is nowhere to be seen only acc.

Yes i agree with this, Blizzard you need to switch this so our characters names show at the top corner of our screen and above our life bar in game! not our account name.. Why did you even let us name our characters if we cant see their awesome names in game?
The fist of the north star but with a twist:
The Japanese name is "Hokuto no Ken".... but my main wizard is called "Hoputonoken".....

The word can be disected like this:
Ho: because the guy looks like a fukin !@#$%... so he is a Ho
^-*!: because @#$% in spanish is some dude who si very very gay
noken: doesnt mean anything,

So in the end my main char is a fukin gay wizzar.
Account name: CaintheElder (Pretty self explanatory. Been playing since D1, back when they called him Cain the Elder. Also, Cain is pretty awesome)

WD(female): Kohana (Also been using since D1. Don't really remember where I got it though)

Barb (female): Bellanna (Liked the sound of it)

Wiz(male): Lucian (Think I was watching too many vamp movies when I named him, but I do like the sound of the name)

DH(female): Luna (I love insects, and my favorite is the Luna moth. To me, the very essence of beauty; which applies to the female DH)

Monk (male): KainTheElder (self explanatory)

WD(HD, male): Mumbatka (Was trying to think of something that sounded fitting for a WD)

WD(male): Mumbala (same as above)

Monk(female): Aurelia (Name I heard in a pretty crappy movie that belonged to a female Portugese character; thought it sounded like a beautiful name)
Wizard - Vindictus (M)
To prove the Nephalem are a source of good, and to vindicate ourselves from those who abuse the power they are given.

Demon Hunter - Octavion (M)
A play on Octavious, which in itself is a powerful name.

Monk - Xylena (F)
Not sure, really. Sounds cool though for an !@#-kicking female.
My dream is that the world will be overtaken by the lovely creatures of the sea. For now I have to be happy with having a Fishy name.
i had my name pickedout for my WD as soon as the first videos showed the skills liquefying !@#$ with acid.....ebolasoup fit well

my female barbs name is hormonal...fitting for a pissed off chick
Demon Hunter Ereshkigal: Mesopotamian godess of the underworld
Monk Nemamiah: A guardian angel
Witch Doctor DrFreud: Father of the psychoanalysis
Barb Hastur: H.P. Lovecraft lore, "Him who is not to be named" (that's because I don't like playing with barbs lol)
Wizard Raven: Running short of imagination that day.
Harpua - Monk
EsthersPuppet - Demon Hunter

All Phish songs, or Phish related things. Phish was and is a huge part of my life, I spent years living in a van selling grilled cheese sandwiches, cigarettes and beer to get tickets and gas (and occasional 'party favors') to the next show. I'll never forget it.
WDm - taingBundok <- mountain aboriginal

DHm - litoLapid <- a local action star in the 80s

MKm - pipoy <- a dead local bald comedian

WDf - majikera <- magician

BBf - kantoGirl <- ghetto girl

WDf - zomBading <- gay zombies from a local movie

DHf - boldStar <- soft !@#$ starlet

my tag? i am a semi pro photographer

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