What inspired your Diablo III character name?

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Tsar (Monk) - From the Tsar Bomba. The largest nuclear explosion ever on Earth, incidentally, im a fan of using the skill Cyclone Strike>Implosion. I want my monk to explode to awesomeness! XD

Tatyana (DH) - I want a very feme-assassin, Russian/Roman descent. Originally, my first DH name i created at my brother's account is Elityah, a name from one of the villain characters in Spartacus.

Leylah (Wizard) - I like a very feminine name for my female wizard, inspired from the name of my officemate's little daughter. My original female wizard name was Tarah, a modified name of my former college batchmate.

Kasatka (Female Barbarian) - From the name of a prominent female whale (orca) in SeaWorld San Diego. Again, I want a Russian female name for any Tanky characters i will create, fits much for my hulking female Barbarian.

Vubu (WitchDoctor) - Ironically for a character who based his damage from INT, his name came from our native language word "Bobo" or "Bubu" in our local online game terms, that means "ignorant". I also want it simplistic and easy to remember.

Xuu (Battletag) - I just want it very simple that resembles a Chinese/Japanese name.
Me my best friend started using Knox in all our characters names back when Diablo 2 first launched so from there it just stuck now I use it for all my games that allow you to name you characters.
Ratm - killing in the name of
Malabali - It's Chinese pronunciation for Malabar chestnut, a very tough garden plant commonly seen in Taiwan.
OuchMaster - From Monkey Island.
MaterialGal - So obvious. She manages crafting materials.
Fermion, Lepton - From quantum physics. Sounds powerful.
WhichDoctor - Which doctor?
My teenage years, watching !@#$:
DH = Swallow
Monk = AnalFister

LelaStar was so hot.
I play only HC now.
Current Heroes:

Fallen Heroes:

edit: I rage deleted One (60 Barb) and Two (41 Wiz), so they don't show up in my Fallen Heroes.
Light of east.

Enough said.
Barb = Odoaker. Odoaker was the leader of the barbarians who conquered Rome, he even was emperor of Rome for a short time.
Barb (hardcore): Ragnar: an ancient Viking hero, a lot of sages tell about him. The name itself means'counselor or advisor.
DH: Damianne, which means 'Tamer' or (found this funny): 'One who soothes'
Monk: Baldemar, which means 'Bold and renown''. Baldemar in itself is a well known name for monks in the real world. St. Baldomar is a saint who was a Blacksmith before he became a monk.
WD: Isingoma. First king of the Babiito's (Uganda, around 1500), also means 'First of twins'.
Wizard: Ariannell. A Welsh saint, also means 'Silver'. The name also inplies you have a thirst for knowledge.

Yeah, I like history so that is where the names of my characters come from.
CptOblivious - Nickname my ex-girlfriend gave me because I hardly ever paid attention. Really liked the name so I use it as my profile name for just about everything.
My barb - Brock, named after Brock Lesnar.
My monk - Aang, after Avatar Aang. Becoz of the wind attacks.
My dh - Buffy, after BtVS.
My wiz - Korra, after Avatar Korra. Becoz of the ice (water bending) attacks.
My wd - MojoJojo, after the villain from the PPG series.
Enkeria - Male Barb - My nickname since 2006, aswell name of my company in sweden.
Idrisa - Female Barb - From my new favourite actor Idris Elba.

Soifon - Female Wizard - From animé and manga series Bleach. A cute character.
Vanilla - Female Monk - It's Diablo 3 Vanilla, and she has white hair. Vanilla is sweet but aggressive.

Absinth - Male Witch Doctor - Green Faery from a distant land.
Aeria - Female Demon Hunter - Light on her feet, fast attack. Aeria sounds like "flying" or "floating".

Jinpachi - Hardcore Male Wizard - From Tekken 5, endboss. Jinpachi Mishima. Kinda awesome.
Korthal (♂ barb) - a name I plan on using for a character in a story I'm writing.
Dakarai (♂ doc) - went to an etymology site and looked up African names :P
Oraeus (♂ monk) - see "Korthal"
Velandriel (♀ wiz) - just something I made up; thought it had a "wizardy" vibe
Laruna (♀ dh) - another name I made up. seemed to fit

I have to agree with Opiate on this one though. Why act like you care about these names if you won't let us show them in-game?

I love eating fish, that's it.
All of mine can be found on Wikipedia, I think.

Susannah Dean - demon hunter. Needs no explanation. Just imagine her dual-wielding with Evasive Fire...
Huo Yuan Jia - monk. If you don't know the name, you shouldn't play a monk :)
Chlamydia - wizard. Sexy, playful, deceptively promising and reckless, until she turns out to be a real party pooper. Also, really hard to get rid of.
Paspartou - wizard. created with the sole purpose to carry my stuff, so the name fits. Brutally misspelled on purpose, as I think the French use way too many letters. Come on, "Passepartout"?!
Kreacher - male doctor. Also a mule character, hoards gems and jewelry.
Konina - female barb. I messed that one up, should have spelt it with a "C".
Buttercup - male barb. Isn't he just fabulous? Seriously though, if the best way to play a barb is to run around like a little pansy doing axels and loops, then by hell I'll name him Buttercup!
Cookie - female doctor. Because I have a dirty mind.
It's my grandpa's nickname and my nickname.
Well mine are kinda random.. except for my mules.

They are Mulan and Kerry. Kerry's gone for the time being since Mulan has enough room since I had gotten rid of much of my gear.

Needs no introduction.
Ain't that the truth. My first HARDCORE Barbarian that I nurtured to level 36 before going and taking on Diablo. Peeled him back to the shadow realm....Then game FROZE (lag dropped).... NOOOO!!!!. Sure enough when I got back to the main screen he was DEAD. I rage quit for a week.
Well, My Battle Tag is my Name (Marcus), SC2Br for the game I love the most, since I have a well known SC2 site in Brazil.

But the name of my hero is JaqenHgar, for the assassin in Game of Thrones :-)

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