HOTA Barb gearing

I've kinda hit a stagnant point in my gearing...I don't know what I should upgrade next. I like to run sword and board and I realize I could get a little better shield.

Should I be shooting for a Mempo and a Witching Hour now? Or are there some other upgrades I should be looking for?

Thanks for the help fellow Barbs!
Andariel's fire damage taken is slightly high, Mempo is a good option. It'll even open up the possibility of adding a gem to your helmet so that you can increase your HP or XP gain.

You aren't currently benefitting much from the %Life bonus from the Strongarm's. You can get Lacuni's with some CC so that you can max your Movement speed or even craft some bracers aiming AR/CC + high Str or Vit.

The Hellfire isn't really good. You'd probably be better with a ring similar to your rare's, or with cc+cd. SoJ with HotA is also an option (specially if you get a black weapon) for elite killing.

You can also get a better weapon, black damage and socket if possible.
Thanks for the input man!

A question about black damage weapons - will I see an increase in damage on my character sheet or is this like a 'hidden' bonuses?
Maybe I poorly worded my OP - I didn't mean my gear doesn't have room for improvement, I meant I needed some help with direction. And I definitely appreciate your input!

I have a 9% CC Stormshield, is that really better than the one I'm wielding? I found the extra vitality to be beneficial.
Stormshield has a higher block amount and can roll up to 31% block chance. Along with the melee/ranged damage reduction, it gives a pretty nice defense boost.
Problem is that you seem to need the 120 Vit otherwise your HP pool would fall even shorter. I'd focus upgrading elsewhere until you can replace that Vit.

Oh! Your crafted shoulders are pretty good but you should've focused on crafting Vit, that way you would be able to get the fixed 200-230 Vit and aim for the single 300 Str roll + normal rolls.
Rolling a Str consumes that 300 potential and only gives you the chance of getting 200 single Vit.
Word - I'll start crafting some Vit shoulders then.

Thanks for the advice - making me anxious to play! Haha
u can check my gear for efficient hota build

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