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I like that paragon lvl to equip and bonuses based on para level. As i remember in d2 there were similar affixes like this, which were based on lvl.
03/06/2013 05:47 AMPosted by Risen
Well all i can serious say is that if you plan to add tons of new affixes, REMOVE or regroup them between utility / useful affixes, and give rares the possibility of having 5~6 useful affixes and 1 utility affix, removing the chance of conflict and improving item overall quality.

No, the random affixes should stay. Having the economy be flooded with the same items will only make item trading and hunting even more pointless. You silly casuals have already dumb the game down so much, now you want powerful items to be easily accessible? Stop destroying the game.
Monster Affixes

New type of heroic class enemies with various causes to hunt players:

Dark Nephalem
A group consisted of heroes tainted by demonic soul. Skills consisted of summoning arts,
transform into werewolves, cast life and resource steal etc.

Thieves Guild Of Assassin
A mercenary group that is hired by mysterious group to hunt the players.
Skills consisted of mirror images, stealth, backstab, knives throwing, ranged weapon spells.

Westmarch Heroes
The Kingdom of Westmarch sends their strong to invade and test the heroes of Kanduras.
Templar skill, Tanks, Priest spells etc.

School of Wizard
Power hungry wizards seeking demonic essences, crafting materials of players. Skilled in AOE, ranged spell attacks.

Blood of the North
Barbarians infected with Berserker rage. Something like the ones in Diabo comic. Skilled in barbarian skills. Strong melee dps type.

Wrath of Ivgorod
A group of radical monk outcasts that seek to destroy anyone capable of turning into great evil, such as the Nephalem. Skilled in healing, aura type attacks, stunning, reflect damage etc.

Item Affixes

Each heroic group will drop group specific resources that can be accumulated to exchange for special set items. Or, each group has the chance to drop special set items.

These special set items will grant special, ultimate level runes related to the set. For example:

The Gold Saint Armor Set
Cast a strong wrath of heaven that damages enemies and heal allies in a radius. 60 sec cooldown.

The Skull Knight Set
Cast a spell that grants attack speed and high lifesteal for 10 sec. 60 sec cooldown.

The Silencer Set
Cast a spell that silences every enemies for 10 sec. Attack is imbued with mana burn that reduces resource and life as percentage of resource lost. Stack with legendaries with mana burn skill. 60 sec cooldown.

Frost Dragon Knight Set
Transform into a dragon capable of casting frost spells. High life regen. 60 sec cooldown.

Single legendaries can combined and turned into a PvP gear that grants ultimate level runes.

So with these ultimate type spells, a PvP environment can be set up to pit players in 2 sides. Group that wins will take a percentage of gold from losing group.
few ideas from my topic regarding more diversity in legendaries:

The Helm of Command - new version can't be crafted

+184-189 Vitality
+8% Chance to Block
+40 Physical Resistance
+61-80 Resistance to All Elements

One of 22 Magic Properties (varies):
Reduces cooldown of Call of the Ancients by 10-20 seconds. (Barbarian Only)
Reduces cooldown of Earthquake by 10-20 seconds. (Barbarian Only)
Reduces cooldown of Wrath of the Berserker by 10-20 seconds. (Barbarian Only)
+13-15 Maximum Fury (Barbarian Only)
Reduces resource cost of Vault by 2-4 Discipline. (Demon Hunter Only)
Reduces cooldown of Rain of Vengeance by 3-9 seconds. (Demon Hunter Only)
Reduces cooldown of Preparation by 6-12 seconds. (Demon Hunter Only)
+9-10 Maximum Discipline (Demon Hunter Only)
Reduces resource cost of Cyclone Strike by 20 Spirit. (Monk Only)
Reduces resource cost of Sweeping Wind by 25 Spirit. (Monk Only)
Reduces cooldown of Seven-Sided Strike by 3-9 seconds. (Monk Only)
Increases Spirit Regeneration by 1.00-2.33 per Second (Monk Only)
Reduces cooldown of Summon Zombie Dogs by 3-9 seconds. (Witch Doctor Only)
Reduces cooldown of Fetish Army by 10-20 seconds. (Witch Doctor Only)
Reduces cooldown of Big Bad Voodoo by 10-20 seconds. (Witch Doctor Only)
Increases Mana Regeneration by 9-11 per second. (Witch Doctor Only)
Increases Ray of Frost Damage by 7-14% and reduces resource cost by 4-5 AP (Wizard Only)
Increases Arcane Orb Damage by 7-14% and reduces resource cost by 4-5 AP (Wizard Only)
Increases Arcane Torrent Damage by 7-14% and reduces resource cost by 4-5 AP (Wizard Only)
Increases Disintegrate Damage by 7-14% and reduces resource cost by 4-5 AP (Wizard Only)
Reduces cooldown of Archon by 10-20 seconds. (Wizard Only)
+13-15 Maximum Arcane Power (Wizard Only)

+1 Random Magic Properties
empty socket

Frostburn Gauntlets

now adds 9-10% to Cold Damage
Cold skills deal 15-30% more damage
add 3 more guaranted affixes:
Critical Hit Damage increased by 35-50%
+46-60 Resistance to All Elements
+80 Cold Resistance
Chance to cast Frost Nova on hit

Gladiator Gauntlets

now Each Hit Adds +252-324 Life
+10-12% Life instead of +6-7%
add one more guaranted affix:
2.20-2.50% of Damage Dealt Is Converted to Life
instead of one Random Magic Property add one of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
+120-169 Intelligence
+120-169 Dexterity
+120-169 Strength

Magefist redesigned to ilvl 63

Adds 9-10% to Fire Damage
Fire skills deal 15-30% more damage.
Attack Speed Increased by 8-9%
+46-60 Resistance to All Elements
+80 Fire Resistance
Chance to molten your enemies

Wondrous Deflectors

add 2 guaranted affixes:
+46-60 Resistance to All Elements
Chance to reflect 30% of all incoming damage
(would work similar to Reflect Damage affix on elites, with animation when it's active)

Slave Bonds completely redesigned for Inferno

One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
+120-169 Intelligence
+120-169 Dexterity
+120-169 Strength

+10-11% Movement Speed
+2 Random Magic Properties
Chance to move faster (additional +12% ms, above cap) for a short period of time

Death Watch Mantle redesigned to ilvl 63
lower dps than Vile Ward, but resource regen included

+327-569 Life on Hit
+5% Life
+161-175 Armor
+61-80 Resistance to All Elements

One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
+126-169 Intelligence
+126-169 Dexterity
+126-169 Strength

Increased resource generation and Magic Properties (varies, one of 5):
Mana: 6 per second and +105-119 Maximum Mana (Witch Doctor Only)
Arcane Power: 0.5 per second and +13-15 Maximum Arcane Power (Wizard Only)
Hatred: 1 per second and +9-10 Maximum Discipline (Demon Hunter Only)
Fury: 8% generated and +13-15 Maximum Fury (Barbarian Only)
Spirit: 8% generated and Increases Spirit Regeneration by 1.00-2.33 per Second.

15-35% chance to explode with knives when hit by enemies.

new class of item - Holy Belt for Monk

The Holy Alliance
320–355 Armor
new possibility of gain life steal for Monks, they deserve it as a second melee class, and they don't have passive skill like Barbarian

One of 2 Magic Properties (varies)
+90-100 Dexterity
+170-200 Dexterity

Increases Spirit Regeneration by 1.00-2.33 per Second (Monk Only)
2.70-3.00% of Damage Dealt Is Converted to Life
+41-60 Resistance to All Elements

Chance to summon Mystic Ally on hit

Hellcat Waistguard

now regenerates 316-400 Life per Second - add team healing aura on equip that uses that affix

add 2 guaranted affixes:
adds 5-6% to Fire Damage
reduce damage from elites by 5-6%

Ageless Might

add 2 more guaranted affixes:

+78-83 Strenght
+227-379 Life on Hit

Example of weapons adjustment and redesigning Shields:

Fragment of Destiny
making socket possible

add one more guaranted affixes:
+1 Random Magic Properties

making a rival for chantodo - trade off between all res and chantodo's set bonus

dps range increased from 658.1–1030.6 to 658.1–1155.6

add one more guaranted affix:
+1 Random Magic Properties

Last Breath
to benefit from "Slain enemies rest in pieces" lets add ls

add one more guaranted affix:
2.20-3.00% of Damage Dealt Is Converted to Life

Inna's Reach - BIS 2H: Skorn
alternate route for monks

add 2 more guaranted affixes:
Critical Hit Damage Increased by 59-120%
Lightning skills deal 15-25% more damage

Natalya's Slayer
making it useable - ls included

dps range 612.0–973.5 instead of 612.0–853.8
add 2 more guaranted affixes:
Critical Hit Damage Increased by 66-100%
2.20-2.50% of Damage Dealt Is Converted to Life

edit: more 2H's revised, no nerf for Skorn - buff for the rest:

Immortal King's Boulder Breaker BIS: Skorn
making it usefull while not going the high crit dmg way

One of 4 Magic Properties (varies)
Increases Critical Hit Chance of Overpower by 5-13% (increased from 2-8%)
Increases Critical Hit Chance of Whirlwind by 5-13% (from 2-8%)
Increases Critical Hit Chance of Seismic Slam by 5-13% (2-8%)
Reduces resource cost of Hammer of the Ancients by 3-10 Fury (from 1-5)

add one more guaranted affix:
empty socket

The Grandfather BIS: Skorn
going for survability but sacrificing high dps from Skorn

Defiance Aura on equip - increases armor by 10%, active for all party members

now +2 Random Magic Properties instead of 1

Warmonger BIS: Skorn
let's go hp regen way

dps range increased to 847.4–1439.0

Healing Aura on equip, active for all party members - 434-772 Life per Second

add one more guaranted affix:
+15-16% Life

Heart Slaughter redesigned to ilvl63 BIS: Skorn
let's go for damage - but in a different way than Skorn

dps range increased to 710.4–1391.1

Chance to double the damage of your Critical Hits

Maximus BIS: Skorn
once again damage - but in a different way than Skorn

now +10-25% Damage to Demons

add one more guaranted affix:
Increases Damage Against Elites by 6-10%

about time to do something with shields:


add 2 more guaranted affixes:
Critical Hit Chance Increased by 8-10%
Increases Damage Against Elites by 9-10%

instead of +170-200 Strength, one of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
+170-200 Intelligence
+170-200 Dexterity
+170-200 Strength

Ivory Tower

now reduces damage from melee attacks by 9-15%
regenerates 312-420 life per second
add one more guaranted affix: life on hit 321-367

Lidless Wall redesigned to ilvl63

now +41-66 Resistance to All Elements
Attack Speed Increased by 8-10%
instead of one of 24 Magic Properties one of 58 Magic Properties (varies) - similar to SoJ
increased chance to be shielded when hit by enemies - once every 20s (from 25), duration increased to 3s - from 1s.

Tal Rasha's Brace

add one more guaranted affix: Attack Speed Increased by 8-9%

Tal Rasha's set bonus revised:

(2) Set:

Adds 3% to Fire Damage

(3) Set:

Adds 3% to Lightning Damage

(4) Set:

Adds 3% to Cold Damage
Increases Arcane Power Regeneration by 2.50 per Second
Couple of ideas for Monk:


Wrath of the Gods

1200-1800 DPS
200 Dex
Increased Damage to "Way of Hundred Fists" by 25%
Additional effect: Cast "Way of Hundred Fists: Blazing Fists" up to 3 times (stacks with current skill)
Movement Speed +15%
+2 random

Spirit Stone

Vanishing Eye

150 Dex
4.5% Crit
50 AR
+1 Random
Chance of dodge increased by 10%
Casts "Mantra of Evasion: Backlash" on self and increases damage by 100%


100 Dex
100 Vit
+20% Life
+1 Random
INCREASE damage done by elites by 5%
Grants user "Reflect Damage" affix, reflecting 100% damage back as holy

Ytar's Sight

80-120 | 120-200 Dex
3-6% Crit
70-80 AR
Increases damage of "Deadly Reach" by 10%
Boosts rune effect of "DR: Foresight" by 12%
SET: Gain effect of "Beacon of Ytar" (multiplicative to passive)

Fist Weapon

Ytar's Blessing

DPS 900-1250
+150 Dex
.20 - .25 attack speed
6-8% Holy damage
+1 Random
Attacks have a chance to cast "Breath of Heaven"
SET: Gain effect of "Beacon of Ytar" (multiplicative to passive)


DPS 950-1350
+50 Dex
Attack speed +8-15%
+2 Random
Increases damage of "Crippling Wave" by 25-50%
Increase damage of "Combination Strike" by 1-3% per attack
Increases effect of rune "Breaking wave" by 3 seconds, 10% damage

Tried to make items that focused around spirit generators, ignoring FoT because let's face it: It's already good enough!
remove resist all from the game. it overshadows individual resists.

now you have a way to make sets good. each item in a set will have a different resist X and when the full set is worn you effectively get the resist all effect.

please make weapons more class specific, either by limiting the type of items main stats appear on or by adding more class specific ability bonuses.
-Bring back the elemental extra bonuses, with decent %s, not just 0,1% chance to freez, thats so lame.
Like, 25-30% chance to freez for cold dmg weapons, a good burning for fire that increses dmg a lot to burning enemies...stuff like that. Ligthening could have a chance to do like x10 dmg now and then, but being unable to crit.

-Increase of specific element dmg, like +100% to cold dmg, etc.
But with actualy big numbers... This also brings some build diversitiy in my opinion. Some will chose to focus on one element, others will stick with crit and go for diverse elements.

As a side note, i think skills shoulds tell how much dmg they are doing in their description. For example "this spell does 200% dmg (wich is 2234234)". Currently ppl will just focus on rising their dps, even when some builds that show less dps can actualy do more dmg with certain skills. Like when you use frostburn gloves. This would make things more clear.
I'd like something for my witch doctor that competes with the innate overpowered 30% damage reduction of barbs and monks.

And some sort of lifesteal on another slot besides weapon to compete with barb belts.
Wizard Source: Hydra Hybridizer

"All of your damage is converted to the same damage type as your active hydra."
One of the best suggestions I have is that you allow players to improve existing items at the blacksmith. For example, you could allow players to add a random affix to an existing item by using crafting materials. For example, on my existing Zunimassa Marrow, I could give the blacksmith five demonic essences and some gold to either add a new affix to the Zunimassa Marrow or improve an existing affix.
By doing this, you would encourage players to kill monsters and acquire demonic essences to improve their existing items instead of just trying to purchase something better on the auction house. This would also allow players to play higher levels of MP as they improve their items.
It might make sense to cap the stats of an item so you cannot improve it forever. But, I think that this is a great solution to use as a gold sink.
Monk item= Daibo/Spirit Stone/Fist weapon

Monk item with cooldown reduction!

Monk item with a chance to reset all cooldowns!

Monk item with a chance to restore all spirit!

Monk item with with a chance to restore some spirit!

Monk item with a chance to grant next spirit spending cast for free!

Monk item with a chance to increase spirit regeneration by X% for Y seconds!

Monk item with a bonus movement speed that stacks above 25% cap (we are the blur, right? :D)!

Monk item with extreme Life per spirit spent (curently life per spirit spent is not balanced against lifesteal, not really worth it)!

Monk item that increases attack speed of Wave of light!

Super awesome idea is to make ton of skill based affixes, that add effect to certain skill regardless of rune used, for example:

- Gain 40% movement speed while serenity is active
- Your next spirit spender cast after dashing strike will deal XX% more damage
- Your Exploding palm can now be cast at X-Y yard range

Another idea is really good defensive items, we got items that do somehow legendary damage, but we dont have much that increases defenses:

- Firewalkers roll fire resist in range about 150-300
- Legendary that gives your damage reduction by XX% if you drop lower than XX% of your hp for X seconds, with Y second cooldown.
- Legendary that increases your lifesteal
- Legendary that regenerates % of your HP every second
- Legendary that has a % chance to break CC
- Legendary that has significant (50%?) CC reduction
- Legendary that makes you immune to arcane beams... yeah i wish XD
- Legendary that makes your immune to 1 of (knockback, vortex, frozen and slows, jailer, etc)
I just read in the "itemization" blue post about an identify all button, which is awesome. I like that in 1.0.7 you can identify while involved in a transaction with a vendor.

This is an easy one, fix the gem crafting time suck. We're already spending vast resources. If I'm standing there with a stack of hundreds/thousands of tomes and flawless square, can't we just skip to the craft your radiant star? Oh you have the materials to make a radiant, just click once, or three perfect...done.

What is gained by a player hitting the craft button and waiting 3 seconds 50+ times ???
I personally feel there should be more legendaries that allow skills to be used in ways they can't currently function. The only example of such item interaction currently in the game would be Homunculus that, in combination with other zombiedog cd reduction abilities allows sacrifice, a primarily supportive quick ”nuke at the cost of your pets” to turn into a mainstay damagedealer and survivability tool. I think this kind of itemization would create great amounts of both build and item diversity, something the game currently sorely needs.

A few examples of such item properties could be:

    Removes cooldown of Leap Attack, casting Leap costs 20 fury
    Basically this would allow a currently situational support and initiation ability to turn into a primarily damage ability while still not allowing the barb to just jump around with impunity. (To clarify, leap would cost 20 fury to cast but would restore the 15 stated in the tooltip upon hitting an enemy or destructible, thus allowing you to rain leaping death pretty much as long as there are enemies without just having you skip everything by hopping forward with free leap). Besides who doesn't want the old leap barb back, I know I do.

    Reduces cooldown of Seven-Sided-Strike by 1-3 for every 10 spirit spent
    This would turn the regularly seldomly used ”I need to kick these guys into oblivion NOW” ability into more of a frequently used spender you still couldn't just spam remaining invulnerable all the time. This would also make the ability and the affix scale heavily with increased spirit gains thus promoting affixes such as increased spirit gen and skills like guardians path for two handers without making the skill completely broken. (For example my monk is able to generate around 20 spirit per second which means I'd be able to cast SSS around every 5-10 seconds).

    Each enemy hit by Wave of Light restores 2-5 spirit
    Okay doesn't seem too amazing does it, however when you consider that in densely populated areas you can easily hit 15 even 30 monsters with one WoL you clearly notice that it might under some conditions even function as a generator allowing you to just crush your enemies beneath an avalanche of bells. Oh and imagine this combined with the above SSS boost.

    Dashing Strike no longer requires a target, but instead hits all enemies in a line. Increases cost of Dashing Strike by 10 spirit
    This would turn a currently kind of awkward inbetweenmonsters movement ability into a heavy damage/mobility spender, without allowing the monk to just speedrun past everything. Pretty similar to the proposed Leap affix.

    Allows you to sacrifice your fetishes for half damage/heal/manarestoration
    Exploding Fetish Army or Fetish Sycophants says HELLOOOOO.

Another category I feel severy lacking in legendaries is the absence of procs and effects you could legitimately base a build around, actually i don't think there's currently a single proc that people would be using to create or define a build. I mean there's stuff like Sledges Fist or Buriza, but due to the low level and dps of these items pretty much no-one uses them, atleast in inferno.

Procs and effects that could provide for some interesting or powerful builds.

    Increases damage dealt to enemies within 15yards by 15-30%
    Okay nothing superduper interesting, but if put on an item for a ranged class could prove suprisingly effective. If this affix would be placed to a wand or a bow it could allow a wealth of different melee dh or wizard builds to emerge that are currently kinda crappy due to having to prioritize survivability over dps.

    Your attacks poison the enemy, dealing 5% of your weapon damage each second. Stacks indefinitely
    Kinda crappy damage huh? Well imagine stacking that dot on mp 10 ubers for ten minutes and suddenly we are talking about hundreds, even thousands of times your weapon dps each second. Would propably only be used in higher Mps', but i think that would be just fine.

    Your attacks amplify further damage by 1%. Stacks indefinitely
    Pretty similar to the above, would propably be only used in higher Mps'.

    Cold damage you deal has a 15-30% chance to freeze targets
    Pretty simple, imagine your blizz or RoF wiz just freezing everything. Could also be used by another class in combination with cold damage weapons to give extra freeze chance.

    Lighting damage you deal has a 15-30% chance to stun targets
    Pretty much the exact same as above.

Lastly, the only category i feel atleast somewhat represented in the current game, affixes that boost certain skills or builds, but don't necessarily allow you to use them in new or interesting ways. Stuff like Thing of the Deep or Threehundreth Spear.

    Increases max Frenzy stacks by 1-3

    Increases Frenzy stack duration by 2-5 seconds

    Upon casting meteor a second one plummets from the sky 3 seconds after the initial one

    Allows a second Gargantuan

    Allows an extra Mystic Ally

    Allows 1-2 extra zombie dogs

    Allows an extra Companion

    Allows 1-2 extra Sentries

    Cooldown of Earthquake reduced by 2-5 second each time an enemy dies within 15 yards

    Big Bad Woodoo follows you

    Cooldown of Fetish army reduced by 1-3 seconds each time a fetish dies
    Combine with the proposed sacrifisable fetishes and Fetish Sycophants for explosive results, maybe throw in a Gidbinn for extra fetishes.

    Ray of Frost bounces to 1-2 additional enemies

Thanks for reading!

P.S apologies for any grammatical errors and such, English is not my native language and I just got out of a 3-hour Marketing exam.

  • Make legendaries have all fixed affixes with maybe 1 random at most. I don't mean the values of the affixes, those need to be varied. I just mean don't have 3 given affixes with 3 random affixes on a legendary - that makes a legendary closer to a rare... We should know almost every guaranteed stat on a legendary - to me, that's the point of having it named!
  • Make the values on the legendary affixes have higher low ends. This will make more legendaries "awesome", but not all perfect still. (I hope this is what was meant in the Travis Day post) All legendaries should be great, but few should be "perfect"
  • Create more lower level legendaries. If possible, use that example of the Leoric's Signet to apply to all Legendaries. Create normal, nightmare, and hell item level balanced variations to give Hardcore players something that encourages them to start another new character... As it is now, it's not fun to level again knowing I won't find good stuff for a long time. The legendaries don't have to be game-breaking - think of the uniques that dropped in Act 1 normal - they were still fun to find, but weren't necessarily the best you would find for 20 levels
  • Make "main stat" less of a priority. Decrease it's overall potency to allow other stats to take precedence if the player chooses.

Affix ideas:
  • +% increased primary skill damage
  • +% increased secondary skill damage
  • -% duration to defensive skill cooldowns
  • +x% class specific skill tree attributes
  • The above affix ideas combined with lowering the main stat priority system will allow class and build specializations very easily. Having to choose what skills to increase the damage of is a LOT more interesting than just getting more of 1 stat to do a flat increase... (Can this be addressed by blue please? Is this seen as a problem or is Blizzard happy with this design idea?)

    Other affix ideas (originally posted by the user named Blue months ago):
    +additional skill rune active

    2 choices for this one - either make it very specific, or classify each rune type, or do both! (go back to the rune names from beta - crimson, alabaster, etc or create new rune type names to match the different rune icons)

    For example, for the specific choice, you could have a pair of gloves that gave:
    The Cinder Arrow rune is always active on your Hungering Arrow skill. (Demon Hunter only)

    This would mean you could use Hungering Arrow, with the chosen rune Puncturing Arrow, but also get the added effects of the Cinder Arrow rune.

    Or, if each rune type was classified by name again (the rune icons are already all there), you could have:
    The Alabaster rune is always active for your Defensive skills.

    This one might have to be restricted to Legendaries only or something - seems very powerful... Especially if it's like "The Alabaster rune is always active for your Secondary skills"... ha But the idea is there for others to tweak and think about. It would be nice to see something done about the different rune icons that are already in game.

    Is it possible to have a confirmation that Blizzard is still reading this post? I'd like to know if my ideas have been heard so I can stop repeating them if they're not good ;) I'd at least like to have a confirmation that the main stat priority system is something that seriously needs to be addressed. (If that's the case - which obviously I think it is - it's game-breaking to me)
    I think having a way to improve items through the blacksmith/jeweler would be awesome. Have sockets added, and new gems/items that can be socketed into them. Or in the case of the blacksmith, have take brimstone + jewel and have elemental damage added to the weapon or some other trait not currently available. Or, bring back runes as runic design plans that the blacksmith can learn to add to any type of weapon or armor.
    Thoughts on other peoples suggestions
    - + affix based on plvl would need to cap out at a good amount to make the item not too op and not too weak
    - some people are making some items too op imo

    Some of my thoughts
    - maybe increase the Intel to resist ratio for non-Intel classes from 10% to 15%
    and same goes for the other stats for other classes like str ratio of armor and dex
    but that only applies to the classes that doesn't use that stat as its main stat
    - health globes recover 1%-5% resource spender
    - damaged receive can sometimes lower resource spender by 15% instead of losing life

    Legendaries (some of these could be possible affixes on rares/blues)
    - have some Legendaries do...chance to heal 1% life for 10 secs when hit
    - 50%(could be 100% but sounds too op) chance to regenerate resource spender on dodge by 20% for 2 seconds
    - 50% chance to summon a zombie dog when taking a fatal blow (fatal blow could be losing half life on one hit from a mob)
    - increase speed by 30% when "x" number of mobs are killed in one blow
    - chance to be immune to (insert cc) for 10 seconds when hit
    - chance for cooldowns to reduce by 1 second when hit
    - repairs 'x' durability every 10-20 seconds
    - minus 'x' amount of armor/resist per hit to enemies for 3 seconds (could stack if keeps hitting)
    - increase max resource by 'x%'

    Possible Added Affixes
    - chance to cast skill[rune], ability to use the skill as their own (unless these type of affix is saved for runewords)
    - faster hit recovery, faster cast rate (could help out barbs who uses slow one handers to hit mobs or casters who uses a slower weapon that want to cast faster)
    - charges like -- able to cast gargantuan 3 times [3/3] and then maybe the only way to reset the charge is a new npc that resets charges for a set amount of gold based on how much the skill is used to make sure its not too cheap to use the skills while its not too expensive

    Had some more thoughts but lost them lol...but here are some things i think are useful
    also... i want the game to be more challenging than easy, right now the game is too easy even if i dont farm high mp(but that could be why i dont think the game is hard lol)... maybe add more ubers with the bosses that arent used (ie. butcher, belial, azmodan, cydaea, spider queen, etc.) and make them more powerful
    How about Legendaries that give bonuses to specific skills? Ex. Increases Damage of Multishot by 25%. Reduces cost of Multishot by 50%.

    Right now, It seems there are 3 modifiers for skills: Increased damage, reduced cost, reduced cooldown, but each skill can only spawn with 1 of these modifiers (ex. Zombie dogs will only spawn with reduced cooldown). It would be nice to be able to, for example, make a build focused around multishot.

    I really think skill based modifiers are whats going to make people try out different builds.
    03/05/2013 10:58 PMPosted by Dogf
    A ring that gives Fire Chains between every member of the party wearing it?

    Great idea! Really out of the box. This is a good thread.
    One thing I would really love to see make a come back is charms. Gheed's Fortune was one of my favorite items in D2. The Anni and Hellfire Torch were awesome too and maybe a new uber event could be added in as a way to get these charms like these.

    Some other things from D2 that I think would be fun.

    -Chance to cast Reflect Damage (I remember items that had to cast spells like life tap or weaken)

    -Repairs 1 durability per second

    -Cannot Be Frozen (Like the Ravenfrost ring. That was the only reason I wore that ring.)

    -%Mana stolen per hit (or Fury, Spirit, Hatred, Arcane Power)

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