Blizzard, you have stolen my money.

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I have just bought the Latin American Standard Box version of Diablo III.

After logging on my already installed Diablo III, I discover that I can't play it,
because the LISCENSE of Diablo that I just bought, IS LIMITED to play ONLY in SPANISH.

One can say a lot of things after this, but the first thing that came to my mind was:

Just WHY... Why on heaven will anyone ever think of limiting the liscenses to ONE language.
I really can't believe that Blizzard has gone from a Money-Sucking company to simply a pure-demential and stupid company.

I'm very sorry for the insults here, but I've been playing more than a decade of Blizzard games, always in english because HERE in SOUTH AMERICA a lot of us appreciate the original language,

I feel robbed. There was NOT A SINGLE warning in the box that I was going to be limited to spanish only.

I'm not asking any favor, I'm demanding that either my liscense is changed to english or that my money is refunded.
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