Diablo 3 Auction House: Banned?

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Hey guys/gals,

I haven't logged into D3 in oh... 6 months? Maybe longer.

I just logged into Battle.net today to download Starcraft 2, and noticed that my Diablo account is as follows:

Product Level: Diablo® III Standard Edition

Account Status: Active

Region: Global

Diablo III Auction House: Banned

Is that normal for inactive players? I don't have D3 installed. And I use an authenticator.

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. Just figured I'd ask here before I shoot a ticket to Blizzard, and then have them blame me for having a compromised password and authenticator or something. LOL

You had a rollback performed on the account a while back, One of the results of that is a requirement for an authenticator to be on the account in order to use the Real Money Auction House afterwards. You had one at the time so it was ok. Two months later, someone detached it and added a new one, which in effect removed it from the account for a short time, but long enough for the account to be flagged as not having it again, breaking the requirement for the RMAH. Even though it was re-attached, you'd have to contact our Billing and Account Services people via a support ticket to get the account re-instated for RMAH access.

This support article will lead you through the process.

Oh, so it just affects the Real-Money AH? That's perfect since I never wanted/needed that anyways.

Just thought my account my have been compromised again since then.

Thanks Omrakos.

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