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has anybody tried this or weighed the pros and cons?

I've been comparing some of these fast-paced brawling builds that use haunt/spirit barage with spirit walk. high EHP build with resists/vitality preferences. Would it be too much of a DPS downgrade to incorporate a shield into the build? with 10% crit high block and good stats it would be a huge EHP boost at the cost of some DPS without a mojo.

was just wondering if anyone has tried it and if so or if not, why it works or why it doesnt. thanks so much

i'm also working with ~1bil budget, gearing mostly for brawling, wondering any pros had suggestions for other unique gearing options. i saw one thread recommend ditching parts of zuni's to incorporate iceclimbers, tal rasha's helm, etc. For brawling would you be lacking too much in the mana department? i'm new to WD's so any comments will be helpful. thanks!
many (if not most) serious WDs who PvP use a shield.

Get something that has both 200+ vit and +life % on it (if you can find it)

My pvp shield has 10% CC, 209 int, 239 vit, +9% life
If you can find something that also has strength on it, it is very viable. I run with a high dmg main hand and a fairy decent shield which I picked up cheap. Still have around 130k dps and 140k hp 700ish all res. The armor bonus from the shield is a huge help especially with frightening aspect.
that's great, i'm glad it's viable. i would love to see one of your WDs in their pvp setups (or any good brawler, for that matter), would someone put on their PVP setup next time they log out so i can get study up on it?

mark - 140k hp seems very high, nice job. i suppose i'm going to aim for something like that and try to maintain DPS

fabby - i'd love to see that shield so i have an idea what to look for.

i still have a few questions -

when looking for a shield, is block % important? i dig that we're getting a hell of a bonus from the added armor, but in a brawl how much does block do? i've always been confused about the "block xx amount" deal.

next: when you're brawling do you find that haunt and spirit barage are your biggest damage dealers? if so, should i get an arcane damage tals amulet if i'm gearing for brawling? or is the 6% damage insignificant?

also: i see that on your marrow you opted for life replenish over a + armor prop. per gear slot, for brawling, what's more beneficial? life replenish or + armor?

and finally (sorry! and thanks!) : how useful can single resists be? (+arcane or +fire, etc) contributing roundly to my all resist, if i can't afford a gear slot with a major EHP boost like vitality, %life, or armor, is a + single resist the next best thing?

i have about a billion gold budget to gear up my new WD and i know that's not a lot, not enough to afford the BEST stuff out there, so i want to study hard to get the gearing right the first time. as i level paragon i'm sure i'll make more gold to do upgrades on things like EHP but i want to gear in the right direction from the start

thanks for any advice!
I had tried both, the answer is depends. Shield is good against other WD and DH (and wiz), I find without a mojo, it becomes a draw with elite barb and monks as not enough dps to overcome 5m ehp.

Regen is nice if u plan to run around a lot, my preference is no. LoH and LS doesn't really help much, ruby is in general better for PvP unless u have very high cc.
If you want to moe, chuck me an add and ill be more than happy to help with some gear. Not saying I'm a top wd or anything but I've done my fair share of brawling.
And as for single res the only one I would really suggest getting would be physical as I find it more beneficial than others.

I was just wondering how much did your pvp gear on your WD cost overall?


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