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who cares about the AH? if you want to play a game you don't use game-breaking techniques. anyone can beat a game in god-mode.

so, repeat after me "I want to play to progress, not pay to progress".

now go vendor everything you bought on the AH and never go there again.

i just solved your non-problem
Is that a good or bad thing though? Do people want a healthy economy or do they just want it to die?

Because of the uncertainty with the new items proposed, people are considering saving for the new and improved items rather than spend a lot on something that might prove ineffective in a short time due to the changes..

The economy always stales when changes are proposed - same with the legendary buff announcement back from 1.0.4...

Also top end gear is account bound for several slots now - elimating the motivation for trade, so yea the game is moving towards a non-trade game...
Everyone in trade chat is selling crap. Items worth 100k are all crap.
Things are not selling, people are not buying.

I still sold items worth as high as $50 less than a week ago. Maybe people are just trying to sell garbage.
03/10/2013 06:15 PMPosted by babinro
Talking in trade chats today, the general consensus is that the economy is royally screwed now. No one is buying and many complaining about not being able to sell.

I've been hearing this since July or August of 2012.

"The game is DEAD"
"No one is online"
"Friends list is empty"
"Can't even sell X for 10k! LOL!"
"No one is buying"

I see no proof of why the game is dying today versus the previous 100 claims.
If people aren't buying its because the prices are too high.
The economy changes over time and players are slow to adjust their prices, it's just that simple.

Gold prices have fallen 66% in the past week
MY stuff is selling BETTER now than 2 weeks ago. Faster, more G, more sales. just gotta price things reasonably.REASONABLY!!!! I sure as heck aint payin 200 MIL for ANYTHING! i think ive made like maybe 20-30 mil. TOTAL.(maybe im wrong there, i make TONS crafting stars, but that COSTS tons, so i only ever got like 3 mil on me.) sure wish Blizzard would sell me an authenticator so i could setup an account and make $. (long story there, i actually paid for one and they refused to ship it to me)
I've been having a huge problem selling items, especially the gear I no longer need, but paid a lot of gold for, yet no one wants to buy at half the price. I also sell drops, even legendary for cheap and its still not moving. Having stating that, it seems virtually impossible to upgrade any gear because of the bots. It seems that the only way to buy anything in the GAH, is by using bots, which is cheating, which generates gold sevenfold. Us honest players, who do not use bots, will never be able to buy necessary gear at the ridiculous inflated prices because we cannot generate that much gold that is needed to get us to play at higher MP levels. Anything that is over 100 million in gold, you need bots to afford it, which is cheating. I am still waiting for the prices to come down to reasonable, but I'm not holding my breath.
low and high-end gear selling OK for me. It is the middle-tier, my former bread and butter that is stagnant.

My solution to gold botters and an item sink:
Content Captcha - when you get 5 NV a portal opens up that you HAVE to enter and play some simple skill test to prove you're not a Bot. You fail or fail to enter the portal, you and all your gear are wiped out. Something like that, catch the bots (slow their gold roll), add a little content, remove some gear, get a reward for being live player.
My stuff sells just fine
Players are waiting new items thats all.
They are collecting gold, gems and xp in these days.

When the new patch comes up with the new items [soon :)] economy will chill out.
May be it could take 2 months with the PTR in my opinion.
i wish hardcore had its own trading chat. or at least when u post ur items in the trade chat in game that it would provide a distinct difference between a hardcore item post and a softcore item post.
Talking in trade chats today, the general consensus is that the economy is royally screwed now. No one is buying and many complaining about not being able to sell.

of course there will be people coming into this thread stating the opposite but I highly suspect they are the minority and/or not being truthful. I went into like 10 different trade chats today to get a pulse of how things are selling, asking people questions.

Things are not selling, people are not buying. That is the complaint I have heard the most. Not saying it is good or bad either, just pointing out that the economy is very very stale now.

Is that a good or bad thing though? Do people want a healthy economy or do they just want it to die?

Let it die. You AH dweebs aren't getting my money.
I've always maintained that the people in this game severely over-price their items and less than 5% of the community can afford them. Let them hold on those nice items; there are those of us average players will craft and get items just as good as theirs after a few tries.
2B gold at .27 per million is around $520 USD (was curious and looked it up). Who, in their right mind, would pay for something like that? Items are too overpriced.
I refuse to spend any significant amount of money on the AH until I know concretely what the itemization changes are going to be and have a chance to see their quality once implemented. Until then I don't have a problem farming lower MP levels at a decent pace. The only money I'm spending is on upgrading gems and the occasional gamble on the new craftables.

I've only sold about $15M gold worth of items on the AH during the past week. I used to move volume but now it seems I have less items and am prepared to repost multiple times, dropping the price by 10-20% for each non-sale cycle.

I would personally prefer to see itemization balanced between drops, AH, and crafting so that a person could be reasonably expected to get good gear based on their preference but supplement with the others (ex. can get most of their gear from drops/crafting but can turn to the AH to fill slots they're having bad luck with).
Everyone needs to quit crying and go play Torchlight II
03/11/2013 11:09 AMPosted by Bobert
Everyone needs to quit crying and go play Torchlight II

People would actually play TL2 if it had online-only DRM and a RMAH.
I believe people are waiting with their money to see what the next patch brings as there will be a major upheaval to the legendary's.

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