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This is something that I have wondered for a bit, while the fact that gold quantity on average that players have is on a slow rise, and we need sinks to deal with the problem, there are obvious issues with this, but we must ask the main core question here, why is it a problem?

Ok, clearly its a problem because of the fact that items on the AH are going up in value, however if we take the AH out of the picture I really do not see a problem with gold being a problem.

-Let us not talk about D2 here for a moment-

One standard thing in the game is repair costs for armor. While this is an old thing to the game, it is one of the few constant uses in the game that need gold, and I would not classify it as core. I will say there is some use to it as a group who is effectively zerging their way through a fight will have limits, that is not something I really see as possible or at least as very likely in end game.

Next is crafting. Again this is a pure sink, were this a single player game I would say that crafting probably would be free (most MMOs do not have as much of a gold sink as we see here, or at least the ones I have played)

So far that is basically two things that could have the gold component effectively removed and as a single player game it would have no impact, remember the AH is not in the picture for this situation and people generally do not trade.

Finally we have NPC purchases, Ok, I will say I do see gold being an issue here.

Ultimately when I look at this there is a seemingly general calculation that seems to amount to items selling for 10-50% of what you would buy them for. This does add up.

I think the main issue here is that 99% if not more of what players loot is being sold, and only a small amount is being used for these gold sinks that are native, whats worse is the amount of gold that is dropping. The dropped gold only makes the problem worse.

Ok lets talk with the AH back in play here

Right now adding additional gold sinks is unfortunately compariable to spitting on a fire, it does nothing to limit the core issue which is that players are earning gold faster then they WANT to spend it. Repairing is not a real good gold sink as it works best on players who are dieing, often these are players with less then optimal gear and with the AH are not likely to have much gold to start with. Crafting is the same, works well on players who can get the items to craft with and has the gold but leaves players with limited gold supply out of the picture. To worsen this matter players with limited to no gold cannot make the new gold sink of Archon gear at all, thus it potentially does what is wanted but has the issue of accessability. per the 80/20,20/80 rule of being 80% of players have 20% of the gold, and 20% of players have 80% of the gold, the Archon gear is a short term fix that will only really help against that 20% that want to spend time and money on this.

Many of the people who have this gold spend a lot of time on the AH, many are the AH flippers. while I dislike what they do since they make it harder to get good items (though I wish I could do it I admit). what I think would need to be done is to first deal with these people. I do not mean stop them entirely, because I do not think anything can be done that won't hurt others, but we want to have them spend their gold, this would start reducing the capital they can play with.

The afore meantioned Archon gear is ok, but has the problem of assuming that people are going to want to farm Demonic Essenses constantly then burn them on a random roll. AH Flippers have the sight of time = money. Thus I think making DE sold from a vendor for something high but not so high it will not be used could be done to further ther drain on pocket books, lets say 20 mill. anyone who wants to can farm the DE easily, but by offering to sell them on something that cannot be traded money is pulled out of circulation.

Next is the Max/min group. This is the people who have impressive, but not perfect gear. These are people who likely spent a lot of time trying to find that BiS item. With the current plan to adjust the roll chance of items it might be an idea for a way to get an item and reroll its stats at a high cost. there are no promises with this, just a way to reroll the values on existing affixes. Again this exists simply to get gold out of circulation.

Finally add in the ability to create purchase orders. basically setup an item that you want and min values, such as a ring with CC of 2 CD of 10% and int of 75, and put an amount of gold, plus AH tax, that you will pay for it. This will cause people who want gold faster to go looking for these requests first. but the interface needs to be quick and easy. the plus side is that AH flippers may have less opertunity to Flip, on the other hand a buyer would have to offer enough for an item that may or may not come. Flippers may still buy cheap and sell for lots, but this gives a chance for everyone. by making it a buyer's market instead of a sellers gold will again drop in value.

Now for the hard situation. Keeping gold out of circulation. The amount of gold that drops and that items sell for need to be nerfed, and not softly. What I am about to suggest will likely be flamed badly but here goes.

Remove repair and crafting costs once there is enough gold out of the system then make it so no items can be vendored, doing so will instead have the same effect as salvaging it.

The only reason Gold has any value in the game is because it both exists and has use to a player, reducing the amount that exists and removing the use is a good first step, making it so that it has more use then trading it for items is the next step.

for example make it so that the average amount of gold that drops during a run can be traded for an item that makes the next 10 minutes drop twice as many items (leaving the game ends the effect to prevent mutiple kills of bosses on one purchase).

Basically I feel that we need to make gold more valuable in active use or eliminate it entirely. but a total elimination would also have to remove the GAH.

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