[GUIDE]Sleet Storm Blizzard Blast build(SSBB)

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Oh, no doubt. Binding "move" is essential for me. I can't play without it. I bind it to the thumb button on my mouse (the "back" browser button thing). Basically what I do is I'm always holding down left click, and when I want to shoot I hold down shift with my left pinky, and when I want to move during combat I press the move button to make sure I'm not accidentally clicking mobs or items on the ground. This makes stutter-stepping super easy and intuitive for me since all I have to do is blip the move button and when I let go I'm shooting again since shift is still being held down the entire time.
I've been further experimenting to find the variant of this build that works best for me. I've currently settled on http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#ZlXQTS!WXd!Ybcaac

This variant of the build is designed to maximize survivability without sacrificing Storm Armor. Surprisingly, it is the Illusionist passive that this variant hinges on. Every time I take damage equal to 15% of my life or more in one hit, teleport's cooldown is reset. For me this is practically every last hit from an elite or other strong enemy. Thus I can teleport next to an elite to start the battle and be confident I can flee or reposition as needed (though I can't go too nuts without depleting my arcane power). More frequent teleports makes it easier to keep in sleet storm range, which helps to offset the DPS loss I've taken with some of my skill choices.

As much as I've been enjoying this build I'm prepared to invest more into it. However, I'm uncertain of where to proceed next. If you have any advice on where to upgrade next I'd love to hear it.
Glad you're enjoying the build. :)

Looking at your profile, it looks like you're off to a good start, as all of your pieces pretty much just need direct upgrades without much shifting around of stats. So here goes...

1)- Try to get a Zuni Pox ring with CC, armor, and vit on it. That will probably be one of your biggest upgrades, but can get quite expensive if you go with high CC on it.

2)- Zuni chest with double Vitality roll and armor roll. These can be expensive for high end ones, but very much worth it. You might wind up losing a little Intelligence since high int/double vit/high armor Zuni chests can be in the billions sometimes. But a lot of times you can find decent int (150-160ish), vit over 200, and total armor of 700-800 for a decent price. Also be sure to check on Zuni chest with vit, armor, and life % as well, as those tend to be a lot cheaper and not many people remember to look for them.

3)- Zuni boots with either AR and Armor, Armor and double Vit, or AR and double vit. These can get expensive as well, especially if you want to keep the 8% poison and good int on them. I was lucky and actually found the ones I'm wearing when doing key runs in Act 1.

4)- Crafted bracers. It tends to be rather easy to get good rolls here. Keep going until you get at least high int, armor, AR, and crit on them.

5)- Gloves. Either crafted or find a good pair on the AH. High int, AR, armor, CC, and CHD are what you're looking for. Vit, too, if you're lucky with crafting or have the gold for it.

6)- Shoulders. Try to replace that Fire Resist roll with a Strength roll instead for more armor, or higher Vitality (or a Strength + Vit roll). Vile Wards have gone down in price considerably, so you might be able to find a good pair for a decent price. Also try to get one with a higher Int roll if you can.

7)- Shifting AR. Here's the one shift I'd highly recommend. Try to get a Storm Crow with CC instead of AR, and then try to get a Witching Hour belt with AR to make up some of what you lose from the Storm Crow change.

8)- Amulet. Like the CC Zuni Pox, you stand to potentially gain a lot of dps here as well. Your current amulet has very, very low Int and rather low CHD. Try to get one with higher rolls in this area. A good Amulet to try and get if you want to buy one would be a Tal Rasha Allegiance. The extra elemental damage adds up to big dps gains with Skorn since it's a black damage weapon. If you have the gold, one with 8% or more crit and an AR roll would be a good choice. Or you can buy a rare amulet with high int, vit, AR, CC, and CHD. Not sure on the cost, though. You can also try your luck at crafting one, but it's kinda hard to get a good one this way for a lot of people.

9)- Leg armor. Try to either upgrade to a pair of Depth Diggers with high int, high vit, and an armor roll, or upgrade to a pair of rare leg armor with high int, high vit, AR, armor, and 2 sockets.

10)- Skorn. Try to get one with higher CHD, and make sure you stay above 5.3-5.4% or so Lifesteal on it.

11)- Gem upgrades obviously. Once you get more vit, just replace the vit ones in your chest with int ones. Upgrade the green in your weapon later on.

I think that about covers it for now. As I said before, you're off to a good start and have a very clear upgrade path ahead of you. Enjoy the ride. :)
I wanted to report back that try as I might I guess this build just isn't for me.

I keep moving stuff around trying to use this build but it never fails. Get a groove on with it then get owned by golgor gold pack in core of arreat second run in.

I really don't know what to do anymore as lowering the MP I play on keeps ending up with the same result. Be able to destroy all elite packs with the proper playstyle then get roflstomped by golgor elite pack even as low as MP1. how much ehp/dps do I need just to survive/heal through those damn gold golgor's on MP5?
I wanted to report back that try as I might I guess this build just isn't for me.

I keep moving stuff around trying to use this build but it never fails. Get a groove on with it then get owned by golgor gold pack in core of arreat second run in.

I really don't know what to do anymore as lowering the MP I play on keeps ending up with the same result. Be able to destroy all elite packs with the proper playstyle then get roflstomped by golgor elite pack even as low as MP1. how much ehp/dps do I need just to survive/heal through those damn gold golgor's on MP5?

your EHP is too low...

You sould aim for 4000k+ Armor and 700+ All resist
Hi guys,

I just started on this build and realise that even with 50% CC, I can't seem to proc my APoC on elite mobs, can anyone look through my stuff and tell me what I need to upgrade next?

Thanks! (:
Hi guys,

I just started on this build and realise that even with 50% CC, I can't seem to proc my APoC on elite mobs, can anyone look through my stuff and tell me what I need to upgrade next?

Thanks! (:

Your attack speed is too high... With your attack speed level, you would need 3 sources of APOC.

This build does not really benefit from high attack speed, so I would recommand reducing it by a lot.

If you're using 1hand + source, I would not exceed 1.50 attack speed because it is the first breakpoint. The next breakpoint is suppose to be 2.00 aps, but you would need 3 sources of APOC to be able to sustain it (with 60+ CC), leading to low EHP and low survivability at the same time, which is not a good idea.
Hi Hero,

Okay, I just got a new Skorn and it works wonders! I still die here and there in MP3 though, is there any improvements I should make to my current gear? My AR with Prismatic rune is about 800+ and Armour is about 5.4k. Somehow I can't seem to leech fast enough.
Lifesteal scales with your dps, so if you want to leach more you need to raise your dps.

Nat's set is a waste if you don't have CC on the ring. You're much better off using Zuni boots and a different ring with CC on it (and CHD, int, etc). If you can get a Zuni pox ring with CC and Vit on it, I would do that. For Zuni boots, try to get ones with a double Vit roll and either AR or armor.

Try to replace your gloves with ones that have int, vit, CHD, and CC.

LoH isn't really all that good with this build since the proc coefficient of Sleet Storm is rather low, so try to replace your Blackthorne's pants with a pair of rare pants that have high Int, vit, AR, armor, and 2 sockets. You'll get a lot more dps out of them. You'll probably lose some HP, though, unless you get really high Vit on them. Plus you'll be breaking your 2 piece bonus of 100 vit. You should be able to make this up and then some if you get Zuni boots with high Vit on them (since your current boots have 0 vit).

You should also try using a different follower. Early on, I always try to suggest people use the Enchantress with a Maximus 2-handed sword. The demon it procs can tank like a champ (makes the Templar look like an idiot in comparison) and it hits very hard. The DPS of the sword doesn't matter. Just get the cheapest one you can find. Have your Enchantress take Charm, Powered Armor, Disorient, and Mass Control. For the rest of her gear slots, just use stuff that has high Vitality. She's not there to dps, she's there to help control the battlefield with this setup. It takes a lot of pressure off of you so that you can catch back up on life, etc.
Hi Malakai,

Do take a look at my gear now? I spent nearly 300m gearing up my wiz and it's really fun standing in mp10 desecrator pits tanking mobs and coming out with full hp at the end :D
Somehow, I can't sustain AP for long, do I have to kite around and wait for AP to regen?
Wow, you about doubled your dps since your last post. Looks like you were able to bump your HP up a little bit, too, in the process. Overall I'd say you did a great job, and you're in a good position for a clear-cut upgrade path.

As for the AP issue, I've found that using the Unleashed rune for Explosive Blast really helps. You're doing a little less damage per cast, but you can cast a lot more of them before you start to run dry. Think of of it this way in a very simplified manner (not taking into account natural AP regen nor APoC of course). With 100 AP you can either cast 5 Chain Reactions for 1455% total weapon damage, or you can cast 10 Unleashed for 2000% total weapon damage. Using Chain Reaction in this build versus Unleashed on higher MPs is sort of like the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. With Chain Reaction you're blowing your load quickly, but you wind up not having the juice for the long haul. With Unleashed you're pacing yourself so that you can go the distance and not have to let up. I hope that makes sense.

Also, always try to be very particular about when you pick up a health globe. Try not to pick one up during an elite fight unless you're going to get the full 20 AP from it so that none of it is wasted. And try to be as conservative as possible with Teleport during combat. Learn what you can and can't just tank and heal through, and only use the Teleport for getting out of really nasty situations. That helps with AP conservation quite a bit. And of course, always try to be hitting as many things as possible with Sleet Storm so that your AP returns through APoC are much better.

What you're going to want to do as well as far as gear goes to help with this issue is to try and replace your Litany with a Stone of Jordan (preferably one with max or near max bonus damage to elites) with 7% Ray of Frost crit. You're going to lose a lot of character sheet dps, but your damage is going to skyrocket against elites and champions, which is all that really matters. You're also going to lose some AR and that amazing reduced damage from elites, so try to make that up by keeping an eye out for some good gloves with Int, Vit, AR, CHD, and CC. You can also make it up on your Witching Hour belt or a new Amulet. Rare amulets have gone down considerably in price, so you should be able to get a good one with Int, Vit, AR, high CHD and CC for less than 200m (I see a pretty good one on the AH right now for only 130m).

I hope that helps. Oh, and don't be afraid to drop down to MP8 or 9 if you have to until your gear improves a little bit if AP is still an issue. The difference in XP and drops isn't that huge, but the amount of HP mobs have when you go from MP8 to MP10 is almost doubled.
My AR without Prismatic is around 800, it's really hard to get my armour up though. How did you get your godlike helm? That is the 1 thing I am really looking for, but AH doesn't seem to have anything remotely near your stats.
Oh and for E. Blast, I think it's a toss up between the lowered AP cost and the increased chance to proc APoC, that's why I chose Chain Reaction. Will test out your theory later though (:
I'm pretty compulsive when it comes to searching the AH for specialty items that most people don't even pay attention to. I like to try out different builds all the time to find working combinations, so I like to have gear in my stash for when inspiration hits, or just in case they decide to buff certain skills.

Anyhow, I was searching for rare wizard hats with the special Wizard-only affixes one day and stumbled across this helm. It was before I had come across the awesomeness that is Sleet Storm, so it sat in my stash for a long time. I bought it for only 30m gold, too.

The proc coefficient of Chain Reaction is lower than Unleashed on a per explosion basis. CR is .111 per explosion, and Unleashed is .333 per explosion. So it comes out even since CR hits 3 times per cast.
Ugh, you have foresight. #respect

Oh, okay, that seems more economical in terms of AP (:

You have any idea of what's the damage multiplier for my skill set?
I want to evolve the build a little bit in lieu of the changes to mob density in patch 1.08. Due to the de-emphasis on elite farming in favor of trash farming, I'm thinking something along these lines:


It basically swaps out Diamond Shards for Frost Nova: Deep Freeze, and Power Hungry for Evocation.

Since there are always so many mobs at once, Deep Freeze will basically be like permanent 15% extra crit. This will allow for more CM procs, and more importantly, APoC returns, thus allowing us to increase gear-related DPS by adding IAS.

Also, with the bug fix to Safe Passage, this will allow us to maybe drop some mitigation to make room for that IAS. Safe Passage should be available almost always due to the large number of CM procs coupled with Evocation.

I'm testing it on PTR right now and so far it's working very well for trash and blue champion packs. The only issue is still yellow single elites after the minions are dead. This might make me go back to Power Hungry unless I can learn to live with it and just throttle Explosive Blast on them. My APS is at 1.26, sheet dps is at 264,430 with NO SoJ, and about 325,000 sheet dps when Deep Freeze buff is active, and about 69% CC with Sleet Storm when Deep Freeze buff is up.

I'll let you guys know how things turn out in the end.
Ok, I gotta keep Power Hungry. I just can't live without it anymore.

Also, I changed some of my gear back around which gives me 80% crit with Sleet Storm when Deep Freeze buff is active. I can actually achieve a rather nice stutter lock for the duration of the buff. It's starting to feel too much like SNS, though, so I probably won't stick with this in the end. I mean, if I want to use Frost Nova I might as well dust off my 2.74 set and just go all out SNS, which I don't want to do. Still... it's yet another great option for the build, which just goes to show how versatile the Sleet Storm engine is.

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