Back from the dead (wd style)

Witch Doctor
Hey all, I haven't played this in mooonths and just getting back into the game. I have roughly 6m, trying to sell my old barb stuff, to get another 60ish but just wondering if theres anyone with some !@#$ty gear they'd like to part with in the mean time since I have no gear whatsoever lol... if not, that's cool... figured I'd ask anyway...

Cheers and thanks
Hey again all, spent about 40-45m on my WD and just wanted to get an opinion if I overspent or doing good so far.... basically just bought the low tier items that I'd like to get the better of eventually.. thanks
Don't know what you started with, but a few thoughts for you.

You should try to craft one of the new Intelligence amulets. A lot of room for improvement there, so should be easy to beat what you have.

You are using three mana passives. I would change one of those to Gruesome Feast -- mana and burst damage from health globes. If you run out of mana in tough fights, run through health globes and fire up bears again.

Other than that you look in decent shape.
Maybe replace vision quest with it? I basically had the ToTD build with gruesome feast/grave injustice so... I could see how gruesome feast would benefit me more by putting out a higher damage output... I will try it for sure.

Also, are they expensive to craft? I've no idea - I just started today from a few months ago so not used to the new update.
Nevermind, got the jeweler design but it seems my luck with crafting has not improved haha...

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