Mimimum hardcore stats needed for Inferno?

Witch Doctor
Mimimum hardcore stats needed for Inferno?

Should I be a little less tanky and more dps?

I am going to be getting a ToD.

not all at once please :)
This is my first HC ever. Look at my profile, I wouldn't do it with less. I can farm act3/mp1 easily.
Try to balance vitality / All Resist / Dps. LoH or Ls or both are a must have.
Use Spirit Vessel, it is a life saver against some nasty combos (i.e. reflect dmg). G.I. is great to refresh Spirit Walk cooldown. After that use something for mana regen, Blood Ritual, S.A, etc.

Your stats are fine for Inferno. Just don't DC and you should be able to crush the game on MP0 in a couple hours. Belial will probably go down before his first bomb phase.

I recommend re-starting your game if you get a pack of elite mallet lords in act 4. Those were the only scary part of Inferno for me.

With your HP, I recommend switching Jaunt to Healing Journey.

Also, maybe switch Toads to Widowmakers for more mana = more Zombie Bears.
I am by no means amazing in HC, but I was able to solo all of Inferno at MP0. About 4300 armor, 50k life, 600 all resist, but only 24k dps. Some of the elites were tricky but the bosses weren't bad.
thanks for the tips guys.

i was able to pick up 5k dps from my new weapon.

the reason i have so much hp is from my amulet. once i craft a better dps one, i will up my dps.

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