Gearing for MP7-10

Witch Doctor
Ok I can do MP6 pretty easily and I can do MP7 with a little struggle. I find that most of my struggle is with survivability and mana. I feel like I'm doing pretty decent damage and quickly disposing of guys. The trouble comes on high HP packs where I run out of mana.

No mana = no dmg.
Do dmg = no lifesteal
No lifesteal = dead

Looking at what I have right now, do you guys have any suggestions on where to switch out or improve my gear?
Real quick here's your trouble. There is no one, even ranked WDs, that can just throw non-stop bears. You have no other attack skill. I recommend you take mana spiders to spam when you need mana and to chase down stray monsters.

Your health is low for higher MP. Get it near 50K.

I have to run but maybe some others will jump in and give you more ideas.
ya, your health pool is a little low for high mp...i think you should be around 60k life at mp8

skywalker is correct, no one can just spam bears forever. If mana is an issue, you need to spam bears and then switch to either a primary with the corresponding mana regen passive or use something like SB. I use SB when my mana is running lower or when i have a single target. You could also just run and let the mana regen before attacking again.

You could also get minus mana for bears on equipment to help, but the biggest thing is playstyle. You have to throttle back a little, so spam then move, use another dmg dealer, and in that time span, your mana should have regened enough for you to use bears again
Or you could just find a health globe producing 0 dogger or two to run with and you'll have all the mana you'll ever need. Wds work best in numbers:) and the more the better.

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