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Demon Hunter
Hey everyone,

Gear-wise, I'm currently in a position where I feel that I'm all over the place... I'm not exactly sure that my current stat allocation is where it needs to be. It seems everyone has an opinion on IAS/CC/CD balance and I'm in the market for some advice if possible. I'm not sure what/where I need to go from this point forward.

Should I be focusing IAS/CC/CD as priority over the others? At my numbers does one thing start to outweigh the others?

Any advice/direction would be much appreciated!
You have a decent start but a terrible CC and that's practically the most important thing. And that's why your still using sharp shooter instead of a real passive.
So where does Dexterity fall in a priority line? CC > CD > IAS > DEX?

Also, does AR really do anything for Demon Hunters? It seems like a pretty even split on high AR/no AR opinion.
Dex will come naturally when you progress and also when you upgrade to better gears. ATM your priority shall be CC>CD/IAS. Don't forget if your CC is too low, CD means nothing. IAS is important to make sure you crit more often. You need at least IAS of 2.

AR is not that important if you are not building a tanky DH. Shadow power will take care of you life steal. Maintain about 300 to 400 AR and u will be alright but of course the higher the better.

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