165 Mobs killed 24,000 XP Bonus #1 WD Build!

Witch Doctor

Hey everybody TNTrice here this is my newest Legendary item and paragon leveling build and route.. This build is incredible and the route maximizes white mobs in large groups. I even in this video recieved a 102 mob kill with a 16,000 bonus xp ! Be sure to check this out if your not level 100

^ im up to over 200+ mobs killed and 34,000 xp bonus at a consistant rate il be posting a vid for that also
I have been using similar build for a while now and i really love locust swarm too.
I get about 45-50M xp per hour but that includes picking up items and identifying em @ mp2.

I did some testruns with your route and mp0 and didn't pickup any items. i got around 70M per hour but thats not very accurate because i didn't include leaving and re-joining game and i did only few runs.

And i killed at least first five elitepacks to get stacks up. My tactic was spirit walk in the midlle of the group then used soul harvest and if anyone was alive spammed acid rain once or twice and the rest of the group was dead. So it took only few seconds to get that nv stack.

IMO this needs more testing and more runs to get better statistics :).
I agree i was very excited about the build and wanted to get it out ASAP. Ive done alot more testing and runs with the build and now i think its to perfection gonna post another video talking about how it works specific mechanics of locust swarm and much more
THIS DOES NOT WORK AS WELL AS YOU THINK. Actually doesn't work that great at all:

I've been using a variation of this since like 1.05, and I've learned a few things. Locust Swarm DOES NOT spread to any mobs you can't see on the screen, no doubt implemented by the developers to stop it being truly imba. Also, Locust Swarm removes itself from mobs if you get to far away from them, so if you run through the maps to quickly, you leave a lot of the larger mobs that would take 5-6 seconds to die still alive, making the most efficient map when it comes to exp more or less useless.

Sadly, barbs still reign king, but on lower mps this is the best build for WDs. Bears still dominate mp2+.
Double post. Wierd.
This build works better than the one I was experimenting with previously, hands down. So thanks for that Trice. I spent a couple hours tinkering with it after work today. I did watch your video beforehand, and it did seem to help. I had completely overlooked locusts so seeing this run-n-gun thing was a lot different then the way I was playing.

It is fun and a nice change of pace, but a few things I observed:

1) I can verify what Cheshire is saying, as I wondered if this really was nuking all the mobs long after I buzzed through. You can prove this by simply blasting through the map and then taking time to go back and see what you didn't clean up.

2) More often than not you miss wiping elites (sometimes just 1 from the pack), see number 1.

3) While the kill streaks are nice, I'm not sure they make up the missed xp from packs you didn't clean up and the xp bonus from playing on a higher mp. My gear isn't uber, but it's far from shabby and this just isn't viable in higher mp levels.

4) The scoundrel definitely makes a difference; may I suggest making sure you boost his vitality so he can take some hits and equipping a Buriza is downright awesome. You lose his damage, but that's what you're for. The freezing and piercing really help here, and I'm sure it would compliment other builds as well.

I'm just getting into the WD so you guys can take this for what it's worth. I still don't think I've found the best build for me, but I'm getting there!
I made a new video going into details on the mechanics my new run and build how I'm maxing Xp and clearing up any rumors about locust swarm. i will link in here for all to see.
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