Question about damage distrobution

Witch Doctor
So, I am running around throwing bears and widowmakers and I keep seeing really low crits. So I started paying attention.

With bears I crit anywhere betweeen 7k to like 300k+

Spiders I have seen as low as 700ish to something considerably higher.

Is this normal or is my gear setup in such a way that my damage spread is just really that huge?
Not normal.

I am guessing the 700 crit comes from follower, while 7k comes from spiders, or the other way round.
Bears at 300k sounds quite reasonable, and should be rather consistent around that range.

Although the M-knife has a wide range of damage, the numbers you write are too far off. Your base DPS is already 80k, even if we take into account fast atk speed, and dividing by the number of spiders, 7k seems like a non-crit spider attack, way too low for a bear crit.
You also use Soul Harvrvest and Gruesome Feast. Both give 20% more damage with 5 stacks. So if you had 5 stacks of each you would be doing 40% more base damage. and would crit 40% higher (current CD% is 250).

So your base damage is 83K x 2.5 = about 200K crit no SH or GF

120K x 2.5 = 300K crits with 5 stacks GF and 5 stacks SH

Bears crit = 200 x 2.36 = 472K no SH or GF

Bear crit = 300 x 2.36 = 720K with 5 stacks GF and 5 stacks SH

Spiders crit can be found by dividing by 4.

That's what I get.
I didnt even think I would see crtis frm my followers....time to test again with no pets....if i live long enough lol

So it looks like its my followers crits. Although all the sudden they are not nearly as low as often as there were last night.
Ok, then another possibility is you were fighting mobs with that irritating yellow shield cast by the fat occultist. That shield really reduces a lot of damage (maybe 90% reduction?)

Or simply, you were tired and didn't count the number of zeroes properly.
There was another thread where a player was claiming 5m crit damage, when calculations show it was probably 500k crit damage.
Thanks for the help. Its definitly my followers and definitly really low like that at times. I guess last night was just a bad night for low crits. Today so far, I see them but not nearly as often.

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