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Demon Hunter
Tell me what few items need upgraded first on my Demon Hunter

The gear came on a 100mil budget, and I was way too fast about buying tbh..

And the only resource I had to decide what I should buy, is by going to one of those 'Rate the DH above you' posts and looking for people who scored highly, and then copying their combined sets. Lol.

All advice and tips are welcome. My build is as it should show on my profile.

you need a lot more HP. Try to get to 40k, as you have really good resistance. If you are short on gold, perhaps you can swap the emeralds for ametyst, if not, get some vita on your shoulders, chest, where ever applicable, while maintaining a good amount of resistance . Take off sharpshooter and use perferctionist would help you improve on your ehp. It doesn't need to be much, but at least enough so that you won't be one shotted.

TianZi's guide is a good place to start, in terms or gearing and builds for farming

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