Did I overpay for my ring?

I bought my left ring on a whim yesterday and I felt like I probably overpaid. I put a last minute bid in and won the ring for 525mill. Did I severely overpay or pay market price?

10max dmg
8% ias
it got a pretty nice crit damage but i wouldnt pay 500 for that, well i dunno but last time i saw a price of 40 cd and 80 int 8 aps for 200m (no vit). The average dmge is really poor
Seems fair, Vit puts it at 500 instead of 300.
Saw this earlier.

Comparable 10% life > 80vita one 8/40/4.5 for 199. I was shopping for one as well thought the price on yours was bit high for my liking.
yea, I've been frustrated looking for a ring the last few days. I think the prices may have been higher over the weekend for high quality rings, as the ones I liked all went for a billion or more. I saw some yesterday that were in the 200mil range, but they weren't upgrades to the one I had on before.
meh i paid 150 mil for my left ring, and had a buddy buy a 80int 60all res 7ias 48cd 3.5cc ring for only 250 mil

i would much rather have the all res than the vit, especially since you are sitting at 577 all res at the moment - which is wayyy too low for sns on higher mps
I agree with you that I'd rather have res than vita. I actually have 649 resists right now ( i have a pair of zunis in my stash with 8%ele/352 armor/180dex/177int/97vita/72 resist all for ubers, but I use the ones in my current profile for the pickup radius when farming). Your friend's ring isn't an option for me because I'd lose 7k dps and about 500ehp(although the resists would mean ehp is higher in the long run).

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