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Yes lets eliminate gold from the game completely that way botters or no one for that matter can get gold no matter how they play.

The game could easily track all the transactions ever made. Then eliminate and take all gold out of the system which came from players who are deemed botters. Remove all duped items, ban accounts which are botters, and eliminate all items bought with said tainted gold.

Yes this would piss people off. However, they shouldn't have been buying gold from 3rd party people anyways since it's against the ToS I believe. There was something about the only valid way to buy stuff was through the real money auction house. Buying illegal stuff is still illegal.

I know of web browser based games which do a better job of detecting macros then this game.

It checks mouse coordinates, timing / delays, and records all the data to see if there is a pattern. It also checks if a key is actually pressed vs if just some line of code is sent to send the right response. Random routes, random delays, and random stuff would get pass the check but makes things less efficient. This defeats the point of a macro or bot
03/19/2013 06:01 PMPosted by MikeAkaJB
I know of web browser based games which do a better job of detecting macros then this game.

makes you think just about how much do they really care about botting vs pr stunt banwaves just for show. kinda seems like they are just blowing smoke up players collective asses.
when less sophisticated games (without server side game mechanics!) do better job :|
D2 had lots of botters too but the difference is gold isn't enforced upon players to be a currency. D2 players use rare items such as runes as currency. Because of the rarity the currency depreciates a lot slower.

Here in D3, Blizzard effectively forced us to use gold as currency, BUT, Blizzard irresponsibly made gold so easily obtainable by farming and making it worse with Gold Find and the the final nail on the coffin - Gold Find bonus with Paragon levels.

I was surprised when hearing AH is to be gold based and absolutely disgusted when they rolled out GF bonus with paragon levels because it meant D3 team treated you and me all the players as morons. Did they honestly believed that giving players more free gold will benefit them or just to troll the less intelligent players into believing they are better off.

Bots only accelerate the currency depreciation they are not the cause of the problem I don't know why ppl keep focusing on bots.

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