Name the next upgrade for the Wiz above you

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@grizz. yeah it really is smooth but i have troubled with rd and arcane sentry which i always die at. but other than that i can run mp10 pretty well
easy! higher armor/res shoulder, with your gear i'm sure you have a nice vw in your stash from you just need to craft one like vw with uber int!

(crap, i just realized i don't have my normal gear on and shouldn't have posted in this thread...also wonky build)
What should be my next upgrade?

your gear hits all the points, you just need more of everything.

Max out innas 99INT + 9ias, max out mempo, 100+ int witching hour, CC/IAS pox or average damage, etc.

No one change will net you big gains, going to need to max out a few items to get more dps.
@boozor, I really don't know because all your gear looks pretty GG to me. So I guess gems?
@DoctorDoom: I think I agree with LucKy's post, low INT lacuni is not doing you justice as the 200+ high int / vit / AR combo grants you smoother play at higher MP in archon form, obviously another major upgrade would be a high roll EF, but those are costly, invest in a good roll on bracers is much cheaper imo.

Great stats, I'm still a noob, but your next big move appears to be a Mempo. Big $, but you probably rock Archon just fine the way you are right now!

Edit- sorry Lucky, I focused on intel and vit -after a second look, maybe some AR, seems a bit low. Im using Tals helm cause Ii dont need attack speed. maybe get a Tals with AR, and pick the lost speed up elsewhere...?

Nice archon set.

Not familiar with archon build, I would say lacuni and/or Echoing Fury is your next upgrade.
thanks, currently trying to find a way to make up MS (innas pants) and the loss of AR (?)from the BTs if I craft new bracers in place of Lacunis.....I guess hope crafted bracers roll AR!
@Neuron - Well not much to say, maybe go for a 6% Mempo? Nice Wiz!
Hmm..just noticed this thread.


Dunno if you need 3 apoc sources? You might be able to get a non-apoc source and bump your DPS by quite a bit...maybe get some vit on it as a bonus as well. Just a thought. 30 apoc seems like a little bit of overkill..but i'm relatively new to the CM build so take my advice with a grain...

...only other thing would be to craft the hell out of some might be able to pull a decent upgrade relatively quick...
@ Theoldred: How about higher base dps for your Chantodo? But I'm not aware of its current prices, so just a guess. :)
@ Eichhorn Cheapest next upgrade is finding a better dps Tal's ( or Zuni's marrow). Finding a good cd os echoing fury will bring the biggest dps upgrade but will cost the most.
Boo I got skipped.


Interesting build. I don't know much about non-traditional builds...and most would argue I don't know much about my own build. :D

My guess for you would be to increase IAS. Your crit seems okay. You have 3 apoc sources which might be overkill. You might be able to drop one if you up your IAS enough. This would proably give you a DPS boost overall. Also your vit is a bit low..getting to around 35k at least would probably do you some good.
I've been crafting bracers but never got better ones than these Lacunis, maybe I should grab Strongarms in the meantime?

I could also keep the Lacunis and use Zuni Marrow instead of Tal's.
@Lucky nice DPS, maybe work on your AR all-Around
@Pri, you could ditch your T&T's for some High INT trifecta gloves would put you closer to 200K

Really nice Wiz you have. Not much to say really

Maybe another ring for the one with STR. I know why you have it, but you could get a much better one in that slot :)

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@ wrannec Nice gear. A similar Chantodos Force with a better random prop than thorns

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