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Hi again gang -

Thanks for helping me get to 100k dps quickly, effectively, and relatively cheap! Likewise, thanks for tips and guidance that led to my current build. I've 'graduated' from grasp/control and poison darts to just being a Well of Souls wrecking and clearing house for MP4, my current preferred level for play. (it's pretty sweet swelling to 285k dps with slam dance, and stacks of SH and GF).

So. I feel in some ways, the game is just beginning now. I feel like my gear is all roughly the same caliber, with no glaringly bad items or poor itemization - it's a 'jelled' set, more or less.

Advanced witch doctors - please guide me! What are good next goals to strive for? DPS upgrades seem likely to be small for a while, should I just shoot for 125k next step? 150k, 200k? Or should I be focusing on life and resists instead?

...and likewise, if you had my toon at this stage, what 2 items would you be trying to upgrade first? I know I need CC on the helm and neck, and another damage stat on gloves, but those are going to be very very expensive... I'm pretty set with this weapon for now too I believe, unless someone strongly thinks otherwise...

TL;DR - This is a good place to share your gearing story and strategy post 100k dps. What were your goals for gameplay with gear, and how did you achieve them?
You're pretty much where I'm at right now. Anything I upgrade is going to cost a pretty penny.

If I were you, I'd upgrade your Gloves first. You'll take a dip on the INT, but you can roll some really nice tri-fecta gloves with AR. Start crafting some Gloves, Shoulders and Ammys of INT. They can roll realllllly well.
Pretty sweet weapon, but run over to and see if a Ruby would increase your DPS. It probably would. Giving it more actual damage. You can pick up the CHD somewhere else I'm sure.
I guess the Ruby wouldn't change much of anything.
Don't worry about Gems really until you can afford the gear..... Crafting is the way to go right now. Take advantage of the Shoulders while you can...
Unzero - thanks for checking that, yeah I was surprised ruby didn't too much more for me right now, but I'm okay with that atm.

Suntzu - Thank you, and i agree about the gems. I recently upgraded the int gems to where they are, but don't want to break any bank pushing that further yet. I have often wondered when high-end players purchase their massive gems, or if they make them themselves?

I actually really like my vile wards right now, with the life % and life regen they're a very complete piece. You're suggesting the crafting will be better overall, or specifically will be better dps?
I would keep crafting gloves and amulets. You should be able to upgrade those items pretty significantly with more crafts.

In General: You have most of the "high end" items WD's go for, but obviously you have saved money by skipping the crit chance affix. It won't be cheap, but over time, replace each of your Lacuni, Zuni helm, Zuni Pox, Tal Rasha's with upgrades that have CC.

Near-Term Upgrades: See if you can get similar shoulders to what you have but also with ~75 vitality. These will be much cheaper than the upgrades listed above. I would also look at Zuni chest with higher Vit (around 250) and WH with Life% affix. Look at BT with higher vitality and 2 sockets...

For the most part, you will just be getting better versions of what you already have.
There is still tons of room for you to try and snap up some CC/CD

Gloves - Can be crafted to get some nice int, CD and CC + whatever else.

Amulet - Possible to craft one that beats out your tals, though it may take a while

Bracers - Most people will say get some CC on your Lacuni, Personally I'm a fan of a solid strong arm, or you could even try to craft some.

Helm - some CC would up your damage

Though Surely you're going to want to start tackling some higher Monster power levels, and with that in mind, I'd start looking at beeinf up your survivability.

Your life pool is a little on the low side, you coul also look into getting a tad more Res All.

Your chest piece is an easy place for 90-100 more vitality, and your boots could see an extra 50 for relatively cheap. That alone should put your life pool in a much better place.

I'll come back and edit this post on my next little break from work.
Hope that all helps so far.
I don't know who has been helping you and what your goals are but your build is a mixed bag, and so is your gear.

Weapon - What is this for? PVP or low MP speed runs? If that is not what it is for then it needs to be replaced. Are you primarily a WoS user? Then an LS weapon. If you want to be a rain doctor then LoH on the weapon.

Active skills - You have three active skills that are all ranged skills WoS, toads, AC. Why? Why not use bears instead of WoS? You need a hard hitting skill that can take down mobs and elites fast. WoS ins't that skill. If anyone tells you different they are blowing smoke up your shorts. If you are a bear hater, then pick a bat skill to use.

Passives - Here we find RoE. What is this for? To make mana from WoS to throw what? AC? How about a real mana skill here instead -- BR or SA? Then you can use whatever skill you want and don't have to go fooling around with mana return from WoS.

You need to decide if you want to be a rain doctor or you want to go WoS/bears. Then you could align your gear to compliment your skills. If you want to keep playing low MP, then do whatever you want. If you want to play higher MP you have to settle on a build and learn how to optimize it.
Get a socketed andariel with low fire dmg: u will get crit and atack speed. No that expensive atm.
Wow, amazing feedback everyone, thank you!

I'll prioritize crit on those pieces, and vit again on say, 2 more pieces. Will do some crafting and see if I can stomach all the bad rolls while my gold whittles down...

Skywalker. Very, very good questions, thank you. I've only gotten a week or two in with my build as it is, so I'm not committed, though I did grab a WoS bonus on the frog. You are obviously well-versed in these decisions. Would you please share how you chose your build, and maybe some others you spent serious time on post 100k dps and why you switched? Then if you like, maybe you could help me make some of these decisions based on a few metrics (below).

Here's what I do know. The play-style decisions that I really want to stick to are the following:

1 - Max/near max movement speed (a la 2 pieces with +12%) I consider mandatory, therefore, Lacuni wrists too most likely.

2 - Thing of the Deep. I love it. Short of jamming pickup radius onto everything else I have, I will never go back. It's a quality of life thing for me, as well as enjoyment - that frog is ridiculous, and I won't leave home without it. Would take a massive reason to change this.

3 - Grave Injustice. Direct consequence of #2, let alone it's insane. I consider it mandatory, a la Spirit Walk, Witching Hour and the specific 4 piece Zuni combo I must wear as a result (no SoS).

4 - Working backwards, that means I will be using 1-handed weapons. I also like the faster attacks they give (though of course that means for smaller crits than on a 2h).

5 - Pants. I hate pants. I don't know what to do with them. I like the ones I have though, and they're what got me started on a LoH kick. That, and Rain of Toads is thematic with #2, and looks hilarious while still melting a little bit of face...

6 - PvE, not PvP. I may dabble someday, but that day is not today.

7 - I currently do high-speed low MP runs, and MP4 goes pretty quick too in public play. I'd like to work towards doing a full-game, solo play-through on a very high MP though, maybe 8? (would like to do it sooner than i'd be ready for MP10 though is my guess).

8 - I do like being ranged very much. I don't really want to be a tank. I do like having skills I can use on the very edge, or even off, of the screen. Also, WoS goes through walls. And that's awesome.

Do these notions bring a specific build to mind that would accommodate my goals and style? Does using a 1-hander necessarily preclude using a Bear build? And I haven't thought or read almost anything about bats - if I did pick WoS and need a hard hitting ability, what bats would I use and what skill would it replace?

Thanks again everyone for your advice. I do hope, too, that people pitch in and tell their 100k+ dps stories, how they chose to gear and what builds they've been through / why they've chosen them.
My best advice for you is to look through the builds in the Index to Witch Doctor Builds and Guides

Find a couple you like. Look through them and try to understand why the skills choices were made.

After you have read the ones you are are interested in, then pick one to emulate. This doesn't mean you have to play the build exactly as described, but the skills in the builds were chosen for a reason, and until you understand the reasons you shouldn't modify the build.

While it is hard to jump MP levels, up to 150K isn't so hard. The next 50K is when the going gets rough. A lot of things that you know on lower MPs will no longer work in the higher MPs.

I still have to add a couple builds in the Index, hopefully later tonight or tomorrow.

Bears can work well with a 1 hander, and they'll only become even MORE effective once you start stacking all those crit stats.

Bears can be used at range simply by putting your back to a wall. This causes the bears to begin their rush in front of you, rather than behind you. The bears will reach nearly the length of the entire screen. Bears is really nice if you have a life steal weapon, because they'll just mow through a ton of things giving you a huge burst of life back.

The way I and I'm sure there are a number of WD's combine the two, is by having WoS with RoE to build up a temp mana regen buffer, to allow you to cast a metric crap ton of bears for tons and tons of damage. Where WoS really shines outside of that is with Elites with Waller, and Elites that run away....all the time. It really makes a nice balance.

Edit: skywalkerfx is right though, you should really play around with builds to see what really works for you.
How about using 2H, ie Skorn with 200-300 vit/int and has decent bleed on it.
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hail master :P give us more advice lol
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Nice spirit build. You have a lot of good gear.

Crit chance, more of it. Resounding message here.

One possibility is to use skorn with LoH, as mentioned previously, with rain of toads and acid rain. You might even be able to use PtV with VQ to alternate RoT and Acid Rain.
Play around with builds.

One good thing you did, you got a lot of mana regen. That opens up options for your builds.
Hello again - thank you all! Just a quick update.

I did some crafting last night, and ended up with new Shoulders. I miss the armor, life regen, and all resist that my Vile Wards had...but these gave me +5k life and dps actually. Any confirmation on how good these shoulders are or aren't?

SkyFX, I read through the whole build guide. Some tough choices to make. I'm leaning Rain Doctor at the moment, not sure if I'll just look for more LoH or if I'll fork over some gold for other proc effects.

Sky, theRisen, and any other heavy dps posters -

What builds have you gone through in your time? Or at least, what were you using prior to what you're running now, and why'd you switch? I'm talking major build changes, but feel free to discuss tweaks as well.

Still saving for more CC. Would really like to keep my weapon and offhand if possible.
Not sure what your ultimate goal is, but one thing I see lacking in your setup is AR. Once you go into higher MPs (6+). You are going to have trouble surviving when you are no longer one shotting mobs.

One iteration I went through w/ my WD was a Dart/Acid Rain/Pet Tank build. It was really good for farming in higher MPs even if your EHP wasn't up to par. You focus on ranged dps while including PtV. And let pets do all the tanking with Zombie Handler or Jungle Fortitude. Perfect for someone with a weapon that lacks Loh or LS and high AR. This build also requires very little mana regen.

I recommend you give this a shot and if you like it, you can almost exclusively focus on upping CC/CD like some other have suggested and be able to efficiently do higher MPs w/o needing to upgrade EHP.
If you want to see the build I was using when I was at 116K it was my universal Widowmaker spider/Bears/AC build which is written up at .

I liked this build a lot and used it from MP5-7. I kept reading the builds since I was posting them up and came up with the idea that I wanted to be a Proc Doctor. So that build has now taken me to MP9. However, I don't think it will go to MP10 as it now looks, because the monsters are much more resistant to all procs on this level.

To tell you the truth, hardly a few days goes by that doesn't see me switching to some new skill combo to try. Your build will continuously evolve as you play, so don't be afraid to try new things.

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