Frame Limiter Doesn't Work

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The frame limiter seems to be bugged. I have both Foreground and background fps limits set to 30, but the game still runs at 60 fps.

However, sometimes when I load D3, the frame limiter works correctly and runs the game at 30 fps. But other times when I load D3, the frame limiter is all of a sudden broken. So the frame limiter breaks at complete random upon loading the game, but I have no idea what triggers it.
personally i dont use the frame limiter. mine runs wide open :P

however, something to check is if you are running in windowed mode. if you are, then try switching to fullscreen mode.

also check to see if vsync is enabled. if it is then disable it.
it could be causing a conflict between the two settings. the vsync is trying to match your monitor, but the max foreground/background is pushing it down to 30fps.

just a couple ideas to try.

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