Soul Harvest - vengful spirit.. how often?

Witch Doctor
here is what i mean, how often to i use the skill to get the most out of it?
it seems to stack, so do i leave it be until it runs out or do i keep hitting it to keep it up?
hope this makes since. thanks
if the cd is up and there are 5 enemies within the radius, punch that bad boy. That will not only re-up your stacks but also hit them with some dps as well.
depends what MP you are on. On low MP I will basically do it as often as possible because it does insane dmg. High MP of course you always want the 5 stack so only do it when theres 5 monsters around
spam that !@#$. imo tied with bears for our best attack for speed farming since its our only good 0 cast animation attack. I probably kill about 30-40% of mobs with soulharvest when I was speed farming mp0
Spam it with the Vengeful rune. Always. Only time not to use it is on isolated trash monsters. Spam at groups, elites, ubers, Whatever comes near you.
I try not to use it unless there are 4+ monsters in range when I'm playing higher MP, otherwise as often as possible. It can really do some big damage when there is a large mob around you. On low mp I dont worry too much if I only get a 3 stack instead of 4 or 5 because it will be ready again very quickly with grave injustice. It does not stack btw, you wont get a 5stack by harvesting 3 souls twice

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