Could use some help with upgrading

Witch Doctor
Hello fellow WDs

I don't really know what to prioritize now, I don't have mana problems spamming bears atm, maybe even I'm overflowing with the resource :)
The problem seems to be survivability.

My goal is to be capable of farming mp 7-8+ efficently solo.

I think I should get more @res and hp, currently I'm working on my shoulders, then I want to craft better bracers and gloves.

I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions that won't be hitting like 30mil for a piece of equipment as I currently simply can't afford it.

anyway, here's a link to my profile:
thanks in advance! :)
Some thoughts.

You use the Bad Medicine passive but only have Bears for poison attack. I would change this to Jungle Fortitude.

Unity ring is not a good fit because you have no LoH proc skill. I would suggest a Littany with CD%. They aren't that expensive and they come with allres too.

You don't have 24 movement speed. Inna's Pants or Lacuni Bracers needed for 24 MS. MS helps you run out of dangerous situations, it also very helpful to position for a bear release. Move and live.

Allres in inventory should be near 700. Armor should be near 4000. HP is OK, 50K for MP7/8.

You have a ton of mana regen. Give up VQ or BR for SV if you are having survival problems.

Gloves and bracers missing Allres.
In addition to skywalkerfx's advice, I would add to learn to separate some of your sentences with paragraphs and spaces to allow an easier read. I opted not to read your request just because it looks like mumble jumble. Glad sky had the patience for that one ;)
Thanks fo feedback sky
I use bad medicine in group play to mitigate some damage, solo I use jungle fortitude, just forgot to change last time :)
Lacuni bracers with crit and any other stat are really expensive, guess I will try my luck with bidding.

I will definitely concider a litany, or a rare ring with stats a bit better than unity, the ring just stayed there from Acid cloud build.

I edited the 1st post to make it shorter and maybe more clear also deleted most of mumble jumble ;P

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