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Gives us the ability to hostile out of town. Like my post so Blizzard can address this issue that so many people want !!!
1) Could you remove sockets as one of the magical property and simply add it to Gem Crafting? So we could add a socket into any piece of gear. This would open up one more slot for the item to have one more slot chance to roll a better/useful stats.

2) Could you remove class specific skill bonus as one of the magical property and re-implement it as Charm to certain piece of gear? Is the same idea as above.

3) Remove class specific weapon/gear attribute, and replace it with class specific bonus. Example: Mighty weapon. It may have a very good stats (maybe 250 int) to be use for any other class, but because it is bound to Barbarian, the weapon is wasted. Instead, introduce it class specific bonus, perhaps Barbarian gets +5% damage, +1% attack speed, etc. Similarly for any other class specific gears.

4) Have you guys thought about gear fusion? Allowing 2 pieces of gear (any/or of the same type) to be fuse, with a seed item and consumable item, where the seed would inherit x% primary stats from the consumable. secondary (low values) stats would get pushed out (so the maximum number of magical property would still be 6). Since itemization sucks so bad, this would provide a better chance for user to "create" their own weapon. Fused gears become account bound and can only be fuse once.

1) Starcraft 2's GUI had been heavily redesigned, and quite frankly, I loved it. Is there be a vigorous redesign plan for D3 to make it user friendly?

2) Will Diablo 3 team create/re-create a better random map generator? Quite frankly, D1 and D2 is nearly 20 years old, yet their map generator was much better. We also need much more random events to incorporate into the better map generator... This is a must if you want to keep the game going...
Please add a way to reroll a Legendary item. Make it a crafting reagent item or gem sink. Only one reroll allowed.
Currently there are only a few good legendaries and you've touched on expanding the variety of DESIRABLE legendaries but will this ever include adding new legendaries into the game entirely? I feel like the variety is sorely lacking even if all level 60 legendaries were in some way viable.
Would you ever add charms to the game. Like they use to be in diablo 2. Like one that would increase the damage of Zombie dogs 10 percent or just something like 5 percent to poison spells.
Why is your idea of itemization independant from character customization? It seems to me you're busy making a whole new looting system where the whole problem, from the very beggining, was the fact that players are locked into a build with no diversity and are forced to only use specific stats. Wouldn't simply adding stats change the nature of all loot?
There was some talk about doing something for guaranteed items upon first killing bosses, but this would likely punish some people who would never see the bonus now and make others play the game in a potentially undesired fashion to get this bonus.

What if each time an act was played from beginning to end it added a tally somewhere (or dropped an item like the keys) and when a tally/key for each act is gained it could be turned in for some sort of bonus/item/other? It would allow for a wider set of bonuses, let them use their current characters, and encourage people to play through the entire game.
In the context of prioritizing Itemization in your overall design philosophy, do you primarily consider Diablo 3 to be more of a monster killing or a loot gathering game?

Please don't say both*, but instead help us understand how that consideration drives your design philosophy vis-à-vis itemization.

*because both is kind of a cheesy, PR answer.
Will item's like Zunimassa's Boots % Poison ever work the same for normal weapons as it does for "black" weapons?

Seems like even though using a Manajuma's Knife is a huge part of my build and helps with mana regen and Life Steal, but if I picked a "black" weapon with even less DPS on it and similar statistics, I would come out ahead because the bonus to damage basically ignores the poison damage on the weapon. It even does poison damage....maybe +% Poison Damage would still work with black weapons but also with items like Manajuma's Knife that have Poison Damage on them?

Seems like "adds % Poison damage" would somehow benefit people who, in fact, deal a good chunk of poison damage.
Many questions have been asked about making shields a more viable option for characters.

What do you think about making the max sockets 3 on shields?
I read the stuff posted by Travis Day and while I'm excited about his intensity, I'm hoping that you guys don't backpedal with the next patch. From the initial release to where we are now, rare drops increased with the guarantee drop of at least one rare with five Nephalem Valor stacks and elite packs... but now that we have so much yellow, you guys are talking about making them rare again with better stats.

But if we back up a bit and take a look at what we have, we have white items that drop and are rarely touched. we have blues that are only touched in the first 10-20 levels. yellows should be rare and decent upgrades. but ilvl63 items with low rolled dps or completely useless items... daggers with 179 dps. really? what i'd really like to see is a process which allows us to take a specific item and improve it. it could start as a white item. maybe there's a side quest that allows you to perform tasks or to find items that you take to the blacksmith to craft... add a little bit of that RNG in there but add it to base stats.

i'll admit that i do enjoy seeing (and hearing) legendaries drop even though i can tell what they will be by looking at the artwork. what about making it more of a mystery? granted, the roll is more important than knowing what it is... but still.

keep up the good work, blizz. i'm looking forward to what's next.
The only role the vendors seem to have after you reach hell, and specially in inferno is to receive items that you don't like and to repair (which the blacksmith can do just fine). Will their ability to offer completely useless level 60 (or worse) blue items be removed or will they eventually be given useful things to sell?
Please give us Runes and Runewords for all kind of items (legendaries and set items including).
Different kinds of elemental damage has always been a staple of the Diablo franchise. Traditionally: poison does damage over time, cold does less damage but slows enemies, lightning has a wide range of damage with a high top end, and fire burns with the possibility of AoE effects.

However, in Diablo 3 elemental damage rarely has any effect on anything other than what color your weapon glows in the lobby screen. This is extremely disappointing and I hope that more is done with this in the future.

That said:

What is the difference between "+ Elemental Skill Damage" and "+ Elemental Damage"

Are there any plans to utilize this kind of affix more in the future? Why was it so sparsely used on release and why is it impossible to find any kind of explanation for the difference between these two affixes on battle.net ?
Highly Rated
Why do Proc Effects not scale?

Why is it that procs such as

-You drain life from enemies around you.
-Chance to launch an explosive ball of Hellfire when you attack.
-Burn the ground you walk on.

not scale in damage(monster power in some cases) or perhaps effects with the player?
When the 1.04 preview came up and everyone thought we were going to make fire related builds like Magma WW barbs or Earthquake builds because of the procs/effects on legendaries such as Axe of Sankis and Fire walkers.

What is the point of even having these procs if they make no real use besides walking into doors?
They don't even show how much they are even doing on the item!

I would propose that it should look something like this

-You drain life from enemies around you equal to 2-5% of your total thorns damage.
-Burn the ground you walk on for 6% Fire damage.

Those wouldn't be the exact numbers but just making an example etc
Shields need,
Increased attack speed, Crit hit chance, crit hit damage, a main stat, Life Steal or life on hit, all resist, open socket, and block chance a lot like demon hunter quivers, but a few stats just for shields.

What will you be doing to make shields viable? Right now they are something players don't even bat an eye at.
The introduction of Demonic Essences and crafting BoA gear was an extremely cool addition that served a good purpose in my opinion. Great gold sink with potentially amazing returns. That being said is their any other plans for futher use of Demonic Essences? My bags are getting full up of them and I would love to use them for other things.

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