+Cold Dmg Snare Effect does not work for WD

Witch Doctor
That is a strange gear set indeed. A lot of + damage to toads and AC.

Apparently in the referenced thread, Manvan noticed his procs weren't working at one time so I don't know what was going on. But my procs are all rocking now. Chill works great now, and I have also put my stun gloves back on.
I'm having fun again with my procs on MP9. Don't know what caused my problem, but apparently a gear switch fixed it.
Thanks for testing yours out.
Hey Guys,

I stand corrected. + Cold Dmg does work on WDs!!

I tested it using my Cold Dmg Tal Rasha + Garg / Humongoid. The "snare effect" is guaranteed and it's AOE.

I think you saw a cold damage animation, and not an actual effect. If you choose the Garg cleave skill, the Garg will hit with the damage of your weapon (acid,cold,fire) but it is only an animation. The elemental damage does not actually occur.

If the Garg actually procced cold (which has been tested over and over and as of patch 1.5 the Garg procs nothing) you would see a blue highlight around the feet of the monsters and it would slow them (chill effect).

I think you are just seeing the "cold animation". Sorry.
Wait Sky, are you saying that even though the "cold animation" is there ( I'm def seeing a blue aura beneath the feet of the mobs when My garg hits them ), the "snare effect" is actually not being applied??

I'll have to test more I guess. i coulda sworn I noticed the mob's movement slow down..
Let the Garg lose in a mob and you back off of it. A blue apron should appear at the feet of at least one or two monsters, this will slow them if it is in fact chill.

What I saw with the Garg using cleave was ice and snow on ground when things died (with cold damage weapon) but there were no elemental effects actually transferred to the monsters. Basically it was all just an animation effect.

Edit: And make sure your follower isn't using any cold damage.
@ Sky, tested again. Just Garg w/ Humonoid Rune, no follower. I'm not doing any dmg. Garg hits, Blue aura shows up at the feet of the mobs for 1 -2 secs. That aura is even more noticeable on bigger mobs.

Now, the real question is, are mobs being snared. I am not so sure anymore. If they are, the effect is not very noticeable. Maybe a 5-10% slow effect?

It is night and day difference between that & the buriza on Scoundrel.

So, I've come to the conclusion that even if Cold Dmg is being applied, It is not just worth it to pay ANY premium for +Cold Dmg equipment as a WD.
So, I've come to the conclusion that even if Cold Dmg is being applied, It is not just worth it to pay ANY premium for +Cold Dmg equipment as a WD.

Yeah, I don't think it works that way.

The chill effect should show the apron, and then monsters are slowed at least 50%. If you back off them and let them move towards you, you can tell if they are chilled. But if you can't see it already, no doubt it just doesn't work. Which is what I found out when I played around with it.

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