Blizzard, bots and the RMAH

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We need programmers to keep working on the game if we want it to stay alive. Blizzard needs revenue to pay these programmers. I doubt very many new people are buying D3, so the microtransactions are all that funds our devs.

Botters buy licenses every time they get banned, assuming their bots generate enough income to warrant the expense. Blizzard could "fix" this by eliminating the RMAH and selling gold directly.

Of course their will still be botters and 3rd party sites selling gold below Blizzard's price, but if they had enough revenue from selling their own gold perhaps they could afford to be more proactive in banning 3rd party sellers and buyers.

Just a thought. I really, really enjoy this game and have no problem spending a few bucks a month to keep the devs employed. I just loathe the idea that most of what I spend goes into the pockets of botters.
Just do it!!! we wont do anything besides cheering you.
ahh you know it's easy for a dev or blizzard to create magical items out of thin air in order to sell to consumers right? If they really want money they could do this in small spurts and no one would know or care. People would buy an item being willing to spend money on the item and the dev/blizzard would get what they want.. money... everyone is happy

it's basically selling in game items but through a hidden seller/buyer auction house.

it probably happens currently

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